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  1. SD card polyphonic sample player

    If you want to modify the clock box, my visual metronome project was based on it, it has been a while since I looked at it but think there was some code for using the eeprom. Hopefully it will provide a few pointers.
  2. STM32 Core and AOUT_NG (SEQv4)

    That port should be connected to SC on J19. Check you have soldered the joint on J19 correctly. It seems unlikely that the track is missing as my board has continuity between J19 and PB6. I assume you have a board from SmashTV.
  3. Hi All, I have a problem with my SEQV4 not communicating with an AOUT_NG.  The AOUT works in my CV V1 (PIC core). The AOUT works with an LPC core running the latest SEQV4 firmware. I used the cables from my SEQ to run the test, so the cables are fine. The J19 jumper is set for 5V and the 1K SIL resistor is in place and the right way around. I have also checked the core board for shorts and disconnections, all is as it should be. I ran the testaoutpin test with these results: CS 0  voltage = 0.09 CS 1  voltage = 3.91 SI 0  voltage = 0.09 SI 1  voltage = 3.87 SC 0 voltage = 0.10 SC 1  voltage = 4.99  HIGHER than expected on this pin.   I suspect I may have damaged the SC port on the STM32. Before I order a new MCU and tear the SEQ apart, is there an easy way around this problem?     Thanks in advance.   Tim.
  4. 11 Midi Out Ports on MidiBox Seqv4

    I have a SEQv4 with 7 outs, I used the BLM connector as normal MIDI and used an IIC module (you can get kits from http://www.midibox-shop.com/buy.html). The additional 4 ports are USB but I don't think these are designed to be connected to synths,they are used to connect to a PC/DAW.
  5. Flash PIC16F88 ($10)

    I use a Microchip ICD2, you can get cheap clones of this on EBAY, just search for ICD2.     That should do the job nicely.
  6. Visual Metronome

    I have fixed a couple of bugs that I discovered today. The new files are available from the wiki here.
  7. Visual Metronome master unit.

    From the album Gomiboy99's Midibox album

    Details in the wiki. http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=mb_visual_metronome&#master_unit_design
  8. Visual Metronome

    After a year of other distractions, I have finally updated the VM project to version 0_2.     Changelog:  updated menu to add store, recall and format functions for eeprom  added eeprom routines to store 32 presets  DIN pin assignments corrected to conform with documentation   I discovered a small error in main.c with the set-up of the LEDs on power-up. This is now corrected.   Please note that pre-compiled hex files are in the downloadable zip file. I have tested the PIC18F4685 version but the PIC18F452 is untested as I don't have a spare chip at the moment.   The WIKI has links to the updated files.    
  9. CV/Gate Breakout/Buffer Board

    Hi, I think I could use one of these too, if there is one available.   Thanks   Tim.
  10. MIOS Studio 2 released

    Many thanks
  11. MIOS Studio 2 released

    Hi TK, thanks for the update, I really like the new file browser. Is it possible to add the multi bank to the Blofeld librarian? I have been using this a lot since I got the keyboard version.   Happy New Year   Tim.
  12. Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order

    4 more PCBs added to the wiki page. Nice design.
  13. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    Midi or USB connection to the core? Check MIDI IN and OUT are the correct way around. Have you separated the LPC-LINK board or cut the tracks if it is still attached? If you are using USB, try a system reboot and then connect the core before starting MIOS Studio.
  14. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Lee, thanks for a great project, just finished mine. I am sure it will be most useful. To anyone else considering building one, be aware that the TDA1543A is different to the TDA1543. I used a TDA1543A, wrong! It works great now I have a TDA1543. Tim.