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Green Bar of Death sammichSID


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I have been experiencing a green bar on my LCD (I am moving this out of another topic for relevancy). It started after months of normal use. I have checked and rechecked the solder joints and pins leading to the LCD on my sammichSID but to no avail.

My sammichSID otherwise works fine, the startup LED's flash, I have sound when I play through it, but... green bar of death.

I've tried adjusting the contrast knobs and they make the bar brighter and softer.

Is this the best replacement?


thank you

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Easy fix: I will send replacements.

FWIW, I buy those exact LCDs from that supplier for the kits. They are good and cheap but about 1 in 50 don't pass my QA due to imperfections with the LCD substrate or whatever... they have some bright green spots around the active area. I test every LCD I sell, because it's less time and effort than trying to troubleshoot someone's sammich* which doesn't show a boot screen :wink:

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