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output of sid low in volume main output fine though


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Hello ,

The 1/4 inch jack to the mb6582 wilba that has sid outputs 1-4 on the back panel is low in volume.The sterio jack main output is fine.I was getting some really good sound from the main out ,how do I boost the sid out to mix it in with the main out. It seems to be lower in volume,but really cool.I first started and could not get the firmware loaded.

I did finally finish and had help from a friend.I think this is just about the best sound device I own as yet and apologize for the impatience at first.I am still new at the midibox and need to read more i'm puching my timecard at work quite a bit and as such been quite busy.I would like to boost the volume at the sid out to match the sterio main out how is this done?I have a guitar practice amp (small )2 of them ,i have one wired to sid out and 1 amp wired to left and right main out.I scrolled through the menu setup with the encoder and could not seem to land on the sid out volume level or adjust the overall volume.I am quite sure everything is functioning well I fell in love with the the midibox wilba 6582 right away.thanks for any help scottsober

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The "main" output is a mix of all the single outputs. It's lower than all individual signals, so that the maximum output (with all individual inputs @ maximum) will be roughly the same as the maximum output level of a single channel. That's normal.

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