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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to find all the Parts on "Farnell"

But i have some issue's finding the Correct Rectifier B40C800 Is it realy nessecary i need the B40C800 or can i also use one with Higher Value's.

( On the Ucapps page i see on the PDF and images there is used a B80C1500 and on the partlist and Explanation the B40C800 should be used..)

So can someone clear this Up for me as i'm sort a beginnen with Small Elctronic parts....

Thanks in advanced..


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the first 2 digits are the maximal allowed incoming VAC, the second number is the maximum of mA, so a B80C1500 means bridge rectifier for max 80V alternating current and a max of 1.5A.

if they have a matching pinout to the one recommended you can use higher values.

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You're able to create your own PCB but not able to read a bridge rectifier rating even after it is explained by another forum member? That's perculiar imho.

Anyway, yes, a recifier rated for 50V(ac) and 1,5A (1500mA) is sufficiently rated to put behind a PSU that supplies 12V(ac) at 600mA. Rule of thumb is that you multiply the Vac rating by 1,4 to (roughly) know the Vdc rating, and 12 x 1,4 is 16,8 which is still way below 50.

Good luck!

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