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MBSID and sammichFM stuff


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No longer No Plan E.T.

Now Televicious.

Half this stuff is Adlib Tracker 2 and SID Wizard with DualSID 8580's.

The rest is Midibox SID V2 with 2 6581R4's and a sammichFM

I acquired from the flea market here. Thanks again Kristal!

Back to midiboxing after a long lunge at native trackers for the machines.

Tracking is great, but these midiboxes have a lot of power.

Working on building filter boards and an AOUT for the Sammich next.

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Yea it's awesome, excellent build! :thumbsup: So much better than using DOS trackers on the ole SBPro2.

I've wanted something like this since I was a kid.

Only thing I wish was some sort of hardsid type setup to use it with dosbox,

but ah well emulation works well enough for that now.

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