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sammichSID LCD Problem

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I bought a LCD from mouser to replace my blue white lcd (which sucks).

Today i got the LCD Module and hooked everything up, but i only see the backlight and nothing else.

its this LCD: http://www.mouser.com/catalog/specsheets/UMSH-3267MD-2UB.pdf

Please dont tell me that it is not compatible ?

I almost paid 40 euro incl. shipping for it :(


Hope that someone can help me

I checked the Pinout, it was the same as my old one, so i thought i could buy it and use it for my sammich.



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a) Find out what controller it uses.

b) Find out if it'S HD44780-compatible

c) Find out what the display needs 7V for

d) Find out why there's no mention of 4-bit mode in the datasheet

e) Learn lesson: Sometimes asking first is a good idea :-)

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Lesson learned, good thing that i had a HD44780 compatible one laying around, i thought all those 2002 (20x02) LCD's are HD44780 compatible, seemed like this is the standard for all of those.

Well..i was wrong, anyone got a need for this display ? will sell it cheap :P

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