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i am building a MB64e and i am confused, the controler take encoders as buttons.

i have 2 din modules, in the first one there is 8 navigation buttons witch are working and in the second (chained to the first) there are 15 encoders witch are scanned as buttons. what could be the problem.

in ,in the schematic,  the encoder din module is on J6, but the note below the schematic says it must be chained to din button module at J9. Is there a problem of interpretation?

With mb16e application, when enc din module is at J6, encoders are not recognized, nothing happen when i turn encoders

When enc din module is chained to button din module, encoders are recognized as 2 buttons.



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^Nice, 80s porn ;p


Encoders DO work like buttons.  In one direction, it is like an up button, in the other it's like a down button

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Thanks for your answer Altitude, i knew that. But in Mb16e, encoders were not in their menu. they were on buttons. I've just found my problem, the enc din was not connected correctly on but din (on core J9). Yesterday, it took to me about 3-4 hours to search, test and more... And this evening, i tryed to connect them and it works good. I thought i made a mistake when i connected them because it was the other connection direction i tried an verified yesterday, but i tried to power it to look what it do, and it is my solution!! :-) The "tomorrow chance" :-)

It doesn't explain why in the schematic enc din is connected to J6.

Good adventure!

Thanks, bye

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