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A bit morbid... but what if I die?


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Sorry to get all deep-and-meaningful here, and don't get me wrong, I have no immediate plans to expire, but:


What should happen to my MIDIboxes when I die? Is it OK for my wife/family to sell them? Or should they only be sold on the forum, or given away?


Again, not that I plan to... just something that is on my morbid mind occasionally.



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Hi /t/,

seems like you have not been on the forum for very long!

Yes, you can sell your MIDIbox (or your family can), no problem. It seems like max. 10 per year is some kind of magical number that makes you fly below the radar. Of course, it makes sense to sell them here in the forum as you will probably reach an interested crowd more easily, but elsewhere is also okay. As MIDIbox is a non-profit endeavour it is always recommended to sell MIDIboxes for roughly the cost of parts.

Hope you stay around some longer!

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