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MidiBox 64 LCD problem


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Hi Everyone!


I have build my first midibox64 some time ago with a big help from igi, on the forum.

Everything is working like a charm, i am controlling ableton with it.


It has 64 pots, 53 buttons, and no leds.


Now, what is bugging me. The LCD. 


I am not a programmer, I dont know C, I have used precompiled Hex file and upload it into the midibox.


But I want now that LCD is showing little more than just numbers. I think that is possible, I have search trough the forums

and didnt find how to get that.


I have put an image for you to see how my LCD looks:




I dont have any leds on the midibox but the LCD thinks that it does. This is probably because of the hex file.


Can anyone explain how can I change the look of LCD to be a little more fancy, 

I dont use the LCD, but it would be great that he looks like I use it.







Thanks, Kike

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Hi Kike,


unfortunately the LCD customization requires some assembler programming skills - the code can be found here: src/cs_m_display_2x16.inc


Only MIDIbox NG allows to create a custom LCD layout based on easy to edit definitions, which are stored in a .NGC file on SD Card.

See also: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_ng.html


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Hi Thorsten


Thanks for the fast reply

I am not going to touch anything, it's working, that is fine for me.


I am aiming for the Sid next.

But then I am going to read everything before I start :-)



Best Regards, Kike 

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