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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, my first NG-project is alive ;) I build a switchable USB to 4 DIN midi port router. Al from parts I have laying around. After a evening digging this forum and trying, it just works. Now I can control my Volca's with a single USB midi keyboard (hurray). I don't get one thing: How do I get special characters on the display?? For example in the next line I like to have a arrow instead off the >-sign (or the solid >) EVENT_SENDER id=1 if_equal=Button:1:1 fwd_to_lcd=1 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any lcd_pos=1:32:1 label="> %e" ports=00001000000000000000 [17:36] Is this possible with NG? Cheers, Kees
  2. Hi, im trying to use 2 KS0108-Displays on my LPC17-Core-Board. With the Bootloader i can setup lcd_width @255 maximum, which results in one unused column at the right side of the 2nd display. has anyone experienced similar problems and what is the workaround to get all the 256 lcd-columns working properly ?? regards, mOnO
  3. Hello, Need a new LCD Display 240x64 for Yamaha RS 7000. My know how is not enough, because of that i did not know whicth will be the right replacement part. I saw many displays that has the right number ob dots (240x64) but i don´t know if i could place everx display inside and it works... for exampel i saw that parts: http://www.buydisplay.com/default/graphic-display/240x64-lcm-graphic-cog-lcd-module-display-panel-screen-with-driver-price-interface-datasheet-pinout-arduino-from-supplier-china yamaha told me that the part number is: "ET-Number WC53530R" if that can help.... Any one out there who knows and can help ? Thx
  4. Hi folks, I'm building my seq V4 and am facing a major problem: my LCD displays only show a row of black squares... I'm building a wilba frontpanel. The MBHP bootloader is in my STM32F4 board: MIOS Studio tells: Operating System : MIOS32 Board : MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 Core Family : STM32F4xx Chip ID: 0x10076413 Serial: #320041000D51353235363632 Flash Memory Size: 1048576 bytes RAM Size: 196608 bytes MIDIbox SEQ V4.092 MIOS Studio proposes 4 Midi Ins and outs for the Midibox (named MIDIbox SEQ V4, MIDIIN2 (MIDIBox Seq V4), MIDIIN3 (MIDIBox Seq V4) and MIDIIN4 (MIDIBox Seq V4). MIOS Studio is also able to see what's on my SD card, but it seems like the core board can't read neither the wilba MBSEQ_HW.V4 nor the standard MBSEQ_HW.V4 files which are located at the root of my SD card (when I try to edit the MBSEQ_HW.V4 with the MIOS File browser, I get an "Invalid response from MIOS32 core during read operation" after about 14% of the file has been downloaded) I must add that my frontpanel isn't completely finished yet, so nothing else than the LCD displays are plugged on the MBHP_core_PCB (bought on smashTV shop). This is the LCD I bought and its datasheet. It seems like the LCD for the seq V4 must use a HD44780 controller. The ones I got uses a ST7066U controller but are said to be compatible with HD44780... I tweeked the contrast and luminance pots but none of my tries gave any effect on displaying good things... I verified the connections and everything is at its own place (Seq ground to LCD ground, seq Vd to LCD Vd, etc. ) Any idea of what could be wrong ? Cheers, Tom.
  5. Hey everybody As it seems, I fried the R/W output pin of my LPC17 (p1.27 of the LPC1769 xpresso). When I moved my Synth from the cardboard housing over to the new wood case, I accidentally plugged the 5V supply into J27 next to J2, the actual supply pins. The 800mA slow blow fuse blew instantly, so I assumed, that I had shorted 5V to GND of J27 but everything except for the fuse was alright. Of course, the move from one housing to the other lead to a lot of cables being too short and a bit of debugging due to shorts with the front panel and so on and so forth. The last thing to do, was to solder a longer cable to the KS0108 compatible GLCD, which at least for me is always a hassle to get the specific pinout as well as pullups, pulldowns and trimmerpots correct. After the first power on, the LCD started up normally with the init text, but then things got bad very quickly. After a couple of seconds, it continuously started looking more like a snow storm with random pixels being on or off, firstly changing, whenever the LCD was updated, but becoming static after a while. Meanwhile, with each power cycle, I either get a blank LCD or the mentioned snow storm. Of course, I doubted my skills first, checked the wiring several times, also changing RST high and low, but nothing helped. For a short time, I also believed that the 45cm long cable was too long, but the internet taught me otherwise. So I was left with two possible root causes, either the LCD has to be broken or the LPC. With the built in testlcdpin function, I was able to find R/W always being high (not mattering if an LCD is connected or not). This leads to my conclusion, that I probably fried the output of the LPC, since the pin is directly connected to the micro controller on the lpcxpresso board. Is there a possibility to assign another pin as the LCD R/W pin in a config file, so I can cut and rerout it to P1.27 on the lpcxpresso board and still be compatible with future updates? If this is not an option, does anybody know if the newly released LPC1769 board is fully compatible with the old version: http://www.mouser.ch/ProductDetail/Embedded-Artists/EAX00242/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMtWuggIubTlfyQKvxcc1sy3C%2fHLDQO4Us4%3d ? Thanks for your help! I am a bit in a hurry to fix this quickly, since I have to give up my electronics lab as soon as possible to make room for our firstborn :-) :-( :-) Cheers, Andy
  6. Most MIDIbox displays are quite utilitarian. You have to admit, CLCD's have their useful limits when designing user interfaces. The tiny OLED's also have limited value, and there hasn't been any touchscreen developments. Imagine you could quickly design the graphics & interface for a touchscreen display on your PC, download it to a custom standalone LCD - and simply communicate commands over a MIDIbox serial UART, eg. button presses, page changes, sliders, gauges, etc. That's what Nextion LCD's do - they cost about $15 USD (2.4" 320x240) to $80 USD (7" 800x480) and have an STM32 on-board with flash to store graphics and commands. https://nextion.itead.cc/ https://www.itead.cc/wiki/Nextion_HMI_Solution I bought a 2.4" to connect with a little custom sequencer I'm building. I'll write about my progress here.
  7. I have the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 ready with the board, no MIDI_IO, no CS yet (Wilba's CS board is on the way). Board is powered via USB, LCD power jumper is on 5V. The LCD's I try to connect are Raystar 40x2 OLED LCD's, the same When I connect them both, I get random characters/dots. If I connect only one of them, no matter which slot (J15A/B), they display the appropriate content (left/right display stuff). I tried swapping displays and cables, all is fine, it's just that they don't run/initialize? together. When browsing the forum earlier, I have the vague feeling that somebody already had similar issue but I'm not able to find that thread again. Can somebody please give me a hint what to check? Thanks in advance.
  8. Just for the start, I don't have functional OLED display (yet :fingerscrossed:), I'm no C programmer at all and my electro-technical knowledge is purely based on self-education. But now there is a hypothetical chance that TK might include support for 40x2 OLED displays from Raystar. And there are other OLED based projects coming. It is said that OLED's have usually shorter lifetime than classical LCD's. So it might be good to have some screensaving option. OK, 80.000 hours (forementioned Raystar specs) is over 9 years and nobody is leaving their gear on for that long but still ... it would be nice to run the same SEQ after some years without the need of LCD replacement. LXR by Sonic Potions has nice OLED too and screensaver is already implemented. I wonder how difficult it would be to borrow this stuff and implement it as an optional LCD setting? I.e.: set lcd_ss 1 for activation and set lcd_ss 0 for deactivation of the screensaver via the bootloader update app. Direct or HW dependent dynamic in-app system menu option would be of course more convenient but I don't know how relevant and feasible it would be for various apps and HW configurations. Beat me with pros/cons arguments, ideas etc. ;-) Cheers, cube48
  9. Hello guys, I am facing a stupid problem with a LCD (4x20) connected to the RTP-MIDI core... It simply does not start. I am sure that I forgot something somewhere, but I can't find what I have verified all lines under the bootloader using the testlcdpin command, everything is fine I have set the display size to 4 x 20 in the bootloader In my app, in the APP_Background, I have put this sequence : MIOS32_LCD_Init(0); MIOS32_LCD_Clear(); while (1) { MIOS32_LCD_CursorSet (0,0); MIOS32_LCD_PrintFormattedString ("TEST"); } but my display clearly does not even initialize (I see the "default" squares when I set the contrast to the max). Moreover, I was expecting activity on pins PA8, PD3 and PD6... but nothing at all (checked with my oscilloscope), like if the LCD driver did not start at all. What did I miss ?
  10. Im planning a prototype of the stm32f4-core using the stm32f4discovery. unfortunately i cant find any notes on J28. nothing in the diagram and nothing in the mios32-include-files either.... basically i want to connect two ks0108 lcd-displays, which will need 4 cs-signals. on the lpc17-core they are provided via J28, but theres nothing like that on the stm32f4-core. am i missing something or is this just not implemented (yet) ?? mOnO
  11. Hey everyone! I have been working on my SID synthesizer for the past couple months. I have the Core and SID modules (that I got from SmashTV) assembled, and my parts for the minimal control surface finally came in the mail. I have attached images of the 2x20 LCD that I will be using. The problem I am having is that I do not know where to go to find documentation on how to wire this display up so that it will function with the rest of my modules. I bought it assuming that these universal displays have some sort of standardization. Given that you guys have set up an LCD display before what would you suggest? Now for the power supply. I am going to find an old C64 power supply for sale (the commodores I ordered did not come with them) and follow this schematic: http://ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_sid_c64_psu.pdf The ground, J2, and J3 go to an audio Jack but I don't plan on using one. I want to use the midi out to connect to my computer where I hope to control my synthesizer in Propellerhead Reason 7. Before I deviate from the documentation I wanted to ask your opinion on this change to the design. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi Everyone! I have build my first midibox64 some time ago with a big help from igi, on the forum. Everything is working like a charm, i am controlling ableton with it. It has 64 pots, 53 buttons, and no leds. Now, what is bugging me. The LCD. I am not a programmer, I dont know C, I have used precompiled Hex file and upload it into the midibox. But I want now that LCD is showing little more than just numbers. I think that is possible, I have search trough the forums and didnt find how to get that. I have put an image for you to see how my LCD looks: I dont have any leds on the midibox but the LCD thinks that it does. This is probably because of the hex file. Can anyone explain how can I change the look of LCD to be a little more fancy, I dont use the LCD, but it would be great that he looks like I use it. Thanks, Kike
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