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[S] SCS bare boards / PCBs for sale


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Hi all,


as a by-product of my latest project, the MIDIbox Matrix (a MIDI router with up to 56 in- and out-ports), I have created a PCB for the Standard Control Surface or SCS. This little board assumes that you are using a 2x24 character LCD and 4 items per menu page. This is slightly more character space per menu entry than what TK is using, however the code is fully configurable to handle this. Personally, I find the 5 available characters per menu item much more comfortable and less cryptic than lower character counts.


Assuming that you want to use both shift and exit buttons for navigating the menus, the board is prepared for one extra button to the left of the display. Also, two additional encoders (with push function) can be used - but these can also be left out, obviously!


post-3442-0-53146100-1406221795_thumb.jp post-3442-0-08114600-1406221800_thumb.jp


Specs of the PCB are documented in the WIKI. I have 4 of these available, but would be willing to order more if there is enough interest. Asking price is 13€ per board, plus shipping costs. Drop me a PM or answer in this thread if interested.


Best, ilmenator

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Sorry I did not update this thread - all the boards are gone.


If I get 4 people minimum I'll order another batch, please express interest in this thread. Alternatively, there will be another, much simpler "original" SCS connected to J10 (and for use with a 20x2 LCD) available in a few weeks. I'll open a new thread for these once I have them in hand.

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