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My midibox SID


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Hi everybody,


I just want to share my work.


I've build my midibox SID in an all diy way, in order to learn and understand everything in the box, and make some modifications to the original project.


here is some pictures:







I have modified the original layout of the mbhp_core_v3 and mbhp_sid_v3 in order to remove the power components (I wanted to build an external power supply), and to make a stereo version of the mbhp_sid.

I integrate a matrix mixer and an headphone amplifier, I also add a buffer to the separate output.

The design of the mixer is based on the Ken Stone's matrix mixer CGS33 http://www.cgs.synth.net/

The amplifier is from sonelec-musique.com http://www.sonelec-musique.com/electronique_realisations_ampli_casque_005.html


For the front panel I have used the aluminium etching process with ferric chloride for nameplate engraving.

The box is made from medium density fibreboard.


For the pic programming, I used my old pic programmer that I build 17 years ago. I had to modify the firmware of the MB6582 in order to get the control surface working without the multiplexed DIN & DOUT.


If you want, I can share my PCB layout of the stereo sid and core.




Thanks again for your work TK...

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Yes, definitely a MBOTW!


I'm happy that there are still people who build a MIDIbox from scratch for total customization - well done!  :thumbsup:


Hint: if you set the DEFAULT_LCD_LINES parameter to 4 in your setup_*.asm file, and rebuild the application, the 4x20 display will show more informations.


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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