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Is the MidiIO128 right for my project?


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Hi all!


I've been a midibox dabbler for a few years now, but am looking to put the MBHP to work in a new project.  


So essentially what I'm building is an organ from scratch.  I am building my own cabinet, and am using this organ project as a sound source.  




I am using 2 of them, each with 17 midi CCs controlling the various parameters.  



In the style of old lowrey's and such I plan on putting a couple synthesizers inside of the organ as well with CC controls for some of their parameters.  



I like the look of the MIDIIO128 because it has a midi file player and can support up to 64 potentiometers (i'll be using all 64 inputs for drawbars and various pots for parameters) and lots of buttons.  


The keyboards I am using for each of the manuals are these mini 44 key casio keyboards in a 4x11 diode matrix.  

Is a diode matrix possible on a midiIO128?  Is it possible to send each matrix to a different midi channel and change this in the menu?  Ex Manual 1 on organ sounds on channel 1 and manual 2 on midi channel 2?


What types of modules (DOUT, DIN) etc would be necessary to complete the project?


My current requirements are: 


64 Pots

At least 88 key switches, ideally in a matrix to keep the number of wires down.  

I'd like to have some other buttons for changing the octave, midi channel etc.  

The ability to change channel for each manual.  


Sorry for all the questions but the newer midibox platforms have me a bit confused.










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Hi Nate,


MIDIO128 only supports 8x8 matrices, but up to 16 matrices can be defined.

So, you could combine four 8x8 matrices to two 8x16 matrices, although you will only need 4x11 connections per keyboard.

In addition the firmware allows you to map map different key values to the scanned inputs to align this with your keyboard layout.

Channel can be selected as well.


So: you would need:

- 1 x MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 (alternatively MBHP_CORE_LPC17)

- 2 x MBHP_DIO_MATRIX (best choice in your case: 4 DOUT and 4 DIN SRs)


- the components for the SCS (1 rotary encoder, 6 buttons, a 2x20 CLCD)


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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