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MIOS Studio does not recognize MF_NG boards


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I have 3 MF_NGs linked in a chain.

And it already worked some time ago.


MIOS Studio does not recognize MF_NG boards, while

    amidi -p hw:4,0,0 --dump


shows incoming MIDI Events for fader movement on all MF_NGs on fader 1.


I tried to connect just one MF_NG, but that did not work eather. The boards are not showing up in MIOS Studio, no matter what I do.


What am I missing?

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my MIDI output connector had been twisted...

I can now connect to each MF_NG seperatly again.


But in the chain, I have only access to the "Link Endpoint". Device Id 2 (MIDI Channel 3).

Device Id 0 (MIDI Channel 1) and Device Id 1 (MIDI Channel 2) cannot be found, although they send and receive MIDI data. They are configured as "Link Forwarding Points".


What am I still doing wrong?

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