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[FS] MIDIbox Standard Control Surface PCBs


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TK has already mentioned it in I have created a PCB for the MIDIbox Standard Control Surface (SCS) that does not require any shift registers and connects directly to J10A of the core board. The SCS module integrates nicely into the MIOS framework, check out tutorial #027 if you want to learn how to use this in your own project. Or just use it for a simple user interface in your MIDIBox CV V2.


I have tried to accommodate footprints for a number of different switches: I succeeded with the Marquardt 6425 series, the ITT Schadow D6 series available at Reichelt, and the E-Switch 612-TL1100 series. That makes the board a pretty universally usable PCB, I believe. Also, it will align perfectly with a 20x2 character LCD, which should sit just above this PCB in the front panel.


The bare PCB is about 98x49mm in size:

post-3442-0-01645300-1425225058_thumb.jp post-3442-0-03309300-1425225057_thumb.jp


Here are the different switches in place:

post-3442-0-84807200-1425224843_thumb.jp post-3442-0-36839500-1425224842_thumb.jp post-3442-0-43385600-1425224845_thumb.jp post-3442-0-94110600-1425224846_thumb.jp


A full documentation can be found in the Wiki. PM me if you need one of these boards for your project.


Best, ilmenator



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