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sammichsid no start with midi in and out connected


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hi all , someone knows why my sammichSID dont start up / boot up when i have connected both midi cables ? (midi in and midi out connected) . When i only have connected one of them , then no problem , but if i have connected both , the sammich dont start. Thanks. In regard to check some failure, is There any way to know if midi input and output is working ? or how do a diagnostic ? thanks very much

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Hi, the most obvious problem is that you have a MIDI loop configured (e.g. from your DAW or other hardware). Check your settings to ensure that the MIDI events being sent by the sammich are not forwarded back to it by the next device.

If it's not that, then we need more info on your setup, a photo etc.

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thanks a lot  for your answer and for your suggestion. Didn´t thought in the audio interface because i have connected other syntesizers before and with both midi cables (in and out) and nothing wrong or weird happens. 

My setup is only sammichSID connected to my audio interface (and no DAW initialized) . 

 I have a tc electronic -impact twin audio interface.  

 Mmmm a weird problem , nevertheless the sammich starts / boot up with only one midi cable connected ( IN or OUT , whatever of them but only one) 

Sometimes i think could be a sammich problem in my humble opinion ,  i said that because with other syntes this problem doesnt happens.  It seems like sammichSID is doing a "circuit bridging" or "jumping / jumper issue  ?? don´t know how say in English ? Sorry for daring to make a diagnose with no knowledge.   Thanks 

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Unless you've soldered something wrong or you have a grounding issue (switching power supply and non-earthed mains sockets?) it's unlikely to be a problem with the sammich itself.

Is the behaviour fine once everything is started? (Can you turn on and then plug in?)

Can you monitor the MIDI data using MIOS studio on startup?

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