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Jay Beckham

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I have built two CORE 8 and seven DIN cards from Smash TV.  A friend laid out my Hex files and others and walked me through loading them into my CORE 8s.  I have wired up two manuals and connected them to the first four DINs.  He built the HEX files and the others to fit my two manual old Conn.  The #0 CORE is for the two manuals and the #1 CORE is for the pedals and stop tabs.  I have also loaded the St. Anne's free version to my Win 8 PC.  All manual keys work properly except for the E-1 on the swell.  In watching the output I noticed the E-1 shows Channel 7 rather then Channel 1.  So I need to correct this but don't know how.  My friend is very ill and can not help me at this time.

I have MIOS Studio on the PC but other than monitor the keys I don't have a clue.  It would appear to me that the key is incorrectly listed in the file that is loaded on the CORE.  I do recall using some program to make minor changes to the codes, but don't recall what or where is was or how to do it.

All I know is to run a cable from the CORE Out to MIDI In on my USB Midi device and also run a cable from the CORE In to MIDI Out on the USB Midi.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I did download the "tutorial" on MIOS Studio but that isn't much help.  More confusing then helpful.

I am located in the US in Berkeley Springs, WV.   My friend was in California and he send me the files and walked me through over the phone.  The files I have are:

HEX FILES: device_id_00,   device_id_01,   device_id_02,   device_id_03,   main_swell_3,   and   setup_midio128  all with ".hex"

MISC:  Beckham 0.syx,   Beckham 1.syx,   midio128_v2_2b.zip,   MIOS_Studio.exe

Any help would be greatly appreciated.   I am presently wiring the pedals and may use a touch screen for the stops and couplers.

Jay Beckham


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Hi Jay,

I don't have much experience with MIDIO or PIC8 stuff, but I think your "device_id_xx" hex files are simple ways to reset the Device ID to xx without reflashing via a PIC burner. 

Before uploading hex, make sure the MIDI communication works using "Query." It's only possible to communicate with PICs holding the same Device ID as selected at the left of screen.

Pressing Query should tell you the application installed on that PIC. If it isn't MIDIO v2, you need to upload a new version:
http://www.ucapps.de/mios/midio128_v2_2c.zip found on the "MIOS8 download" section of ucapps.de

The following gives you info on MIDIO:

A useful config tool is integrated into the Tools menu of MIOS.

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