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About to build Seq V4 . . . or V4+?


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I was just about to dig into a Seq V4 build when I started to see mention of a V4+ in the works. After some reading I was under the impression that to run the V4+ one would only have to update their firmware on a V4 machine, but further reading has led me to believe that the V4+ might actually be its own thing with interface changes, yada, yada. If the former is true I'll proceed with a build immediately, but if it's the latter I'll have to consider waiting a bit until the project is ready to roll . . . or maybe there isn't yet a definitive answer to this question? 

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Both are true :)

The SEQ v4+ will work fine with the Wilba front panel, only it will require the STM32F4 Core (the LPC and STM32F1 don't have sufficient memory). This isn't really an issue, especially for new builds as the earlier boards were retired a while ago.

The new version I'm working on will be enhanced with some cross-compatible features, nicer hardware, full metal case from Adrian etc. But it won't be ready for at least a few months. If your soldering iron is itchy, then go ahead with the current version.

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