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  1. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    After years of repairing vintage synthesizers, this will be the project that kicks me in the butt to finally attempt an SMT build - and I couldn’t be more excited! Can’t wait to see photos and videos!!!
  2. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    This news has made my week. 
  3. About to build Seq V4 . . . or V4+?

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation. As I intend for this to be one and only hardware sequencer for many years to come I might as well wait for the V4+ to be ready. 
  4. I was just about to dig into a Seq V4 build when I started to see mention of a V4+ in the works. After some reading I was under the impression that to run the V4+ one would only have to update their firmware on a V4 machine, but further reading has led me to believe that the V4+ might actually be its own thing with interface changes, yada, yada. If the former is true I'll proceed with a build immediately, but if it's the latter I'll have to consider waiting a bit until the project is ready to roll . . . or maybe there isn't yet a definitive answer to this question? 
  5. MIDIbox SID Hardware Editor

    I'm wondering what hardware options with lotsa knobs might exist to edit the Midibox SIDs and sammichSIDs?
  6. Hello all,   I've encountered a problem while attempting to sequence my sammichSID from Logic Pro 9. Until now I've always played the sammichSID by hand (well with an external MIDI keyboard run through Logic Pro and then to the sammichSID). Today when I tried sequencing the sammichSID from Logic I encountered an odd problem. The Sammich appears like it's receiving the MIDI notes (the lights change and dance exactly as I'd expect them to given the MIDI notes programmed), but it makes no sound. Now if I change patches while it is being sequenced with MIDI notes suddenly it'll make sounds from the incoming MIDI notes like it should until one MIDI region ends and another begins. At that point it goes silent again (while the lights continue to indicate that the MIDI notes are being received), until I change patches again at which point it makes sound again until the end of one MIDI region and the start of the next. It seems that perhaps Logic is sending some kind of message at the head of each MIDI region that's muting the output of the Sammich, but I can't find any Program Change messages or SysEx within my MIDI regions that would do this. While my solution may reside within Logic Pro, I decided to post this issue here first because it only happens with my sammichSID and not with any of my other synths - making it a Sammich-specific problem.    Cheers, James
  7. sammichSID Midi Setup Question

    Thanks Thorsten . . . Beer!!!
  8. Questions about enabling swinSID

      Is this special "MIDIbox" SwinSID firmware version available for the Nano SwinSID that is sold on the sinchai.de page here? Or is it only available for the older SwinSID X2 using TDA1543 DAC?   Cheers, James
  9. sammichSID Midi Setup Question

    I would also like to use my sammichSID MIDI OUT port as a MIDI THRU port instead . . . Did MissingSense's question above ever get answered?   I've dug about the menus to see if I can do this myself, but so far without any luck. 
  10. Midibox SID V2 Manual PDF

    Hi, I can't seem to download the PDF manual from any of the links supplied here. The top two simply fail and when I try the link to the downloads section I get a page telling me I don't have permission. If anyone could email it to me I would be extremely grateful. w.james.meagher AT gmail DOT com Cheers, James
  11. Hello all,   Since I missed the boat buying a sammichSID kit directly I thought I'd ask here if anyone has a kit they've never gotten around to starting or finishing that they're ready let go (to someone who will build and use it!) My preference of course is an unstarted kit - I've gone down the road of tracing other people's mistakes before . . . I seem to be better at solving my own mistakes quickly . . . but I'm not in the position now to be too choosy.  :hmm:   I have my own SIDs,  but if someone's got a machine partially built with SIDs already installed I'll consider buying it all together from you.    And of course if someone has a completely finished kit they want to sell I'll consider that too.    I'm in Canada but am happy to buy from another country/continent.    Cheers, James