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Temporary minimum CS for MB6582?


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Hi guys,

I've finished building the base of a mb6582 (including display) and so far everything seems to work as it should (Woohoo!). However, after reading Hawkeye's CS tutorial, I've delayed soldering components onto the control surface PCB until the front panel that I've ordered arrives.

Until then, I'd like to rig up a minimum CS using a breadboard and switches/encoders for basic parameter changes (menu scrolling, etc). Is this possible, and if so how? Even with TK's instructions I'm not quite sure how to go about it. 

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Use http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=default_encoder_assignments to map the menu encoder connections.

and http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=mb-6582:mb-6582_cs_din_wiring.pdf to map the buttons you need.

The buttons are in a matrix you just need the buttons and a diode each. No matrix on the encoders. You would just jump off the headers on the main board to your temporary cs board. All you need for buttons are the menu button and the 5 select buttons. Everything else you can access from the software.

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