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Master Keyboard MidiRouter Transpose

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Hello midibox community,

I am working on a concept for a master keyboard router.

The master keyboard should be routed to predefined midi outs (1-4).
Each target can be transposed indiviually by an adjusted value. (octave up/down ; sem up down ,  Setting shown in the corresponding display)
Each target  can be enabled / disabled  individually. (ONOFF button )

Unfortunately i cannot find any transpose function for the router targets within the scripting documentation. Or do i have to alter the source for this functionality ?
Could somebody give me a hint where to search for any transpose settings?(I only found it for CV values.)

Attached you 'll find a scetch of my setup.

Many thanks









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You can transpose the keyboard with using the bank-mechanism and the kb_transpose-function (see NGC manual). 

Actually I don't see a comfortable way doing what you are after...

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Thanks FantomXR for your response.

If i understood right kb_transpose  is for a directly to a Midibox connected keyboard. I want to use a alreay miditized-keyboard with the router functionality of Midibox.

I think i will hack the midi_router.c MIDI_ROUTER_Receive(mios32_midi_port_t port, mios32_midi_package_t midi_package) to my needs or hook me into APP_NotifyReceivedEvent.

Lets see how this works. Unfortunately i don't see any way to implement my idea into TKs nice scripting framework.

So will be more a bad hack than something i can give back  to the community.

Wish me luck ;)






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Hallo Community,

I started to change the source code towards my needs and thanks to the nicely written software structure the progress better than i thought.
If you want to know what i am doing have a look to my first request.This is a short explanation and a reminder for myself.

So far I added 4 new MetaEvents :

Event commands:

1   RouterTranspose  = > Sets the transposition to an absolute value (offset is -64 ) means a value of 64 is no transpose
2   RouterIncTranspose => increases the transpose value
3   RouterDecTranspose => decreases the transpose value
4   RouterSetDstChn  => set the dst channel of a router node

usage :

type=Meta meta=E_CMD:x
Where x is the node number and E_CMD is the Event commands

NGC Example  :

EVENT_BUTTON id=4  hw_id=4  type=Meta meta=RouterIncTranspose:1 button_mode=OnOnly range=0:12
EVENT_BUTTON id=3  hw_id=3  type=Meta meta=RouterDecTranspose:2 button_mode=OnOnly range=0:6
EVENT_ENC id=1 hw_id=1 type=Meta meta=RouterTranspose:0 meta=RouterTranspose:1 meta=RouterTranspose:2 label="^std_enc" range=0:127 offset=-64 value=64
EVENT_BUTTON id=5 hw_id=5   type=Meta  meta=RouterSetDstChn:0  button_mode=Toggle range=0:17 lcd_pos=1:1:1  label="^std_btn"

Button 4 increases the midi notes of node1 target port by 1 Octave (12 Semitones)
Button 3 decreases the midi notes of node2 target port by 1/2 Octave (6 Semitones)
ENCODER: 1 Sets nodes 0-2 to the same transpose value (stored within the encoder)
Button 5 activates/deactivates the router node. (Channel 0 = off ; channel 17 = all Channels are forwarded)

The Problem :
If you hold a key and change the transpose or channel setting, the release event(NoteOff/Velocity=0) will end up on the wrong note/channel. (the tone hangs)
Solution :
I had to remember every NoteOnEvent and alter the forwarded package of each NoteOff to the corresponding note number (instead of the actual settings)
It is working very well and i hadn't any issues so far.
At the moment max 64 notes per node can be memorized (adjustable by define)
The costs are very high: RAM consumption  3bytes * 16nodes * 64 events > 3072 Bytes of Ram usage

Make a switch to disable this feature.









Edited by majjam

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