!Sold! [FS/D] (backup/unused) SEQ V4 with TPD

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Hi Forum,


this is my last SeqV4 which was hoping to be used sometime.

Now that never happened, its always something else that occupies my time.

So now this unique build will find a new home.

The Sequencer is build with all around quality and DIY love.

Its very rugged, even though its open frame is not looking like thats the case.

The panel and the back is made out of 3mm acrylic - colour is "mandarin orange" and it really somehow looks sweet and tasty.

It has Optrex Displays - great refresh rates, great viewing angle.

On the left side there is a TPD pcb and a Neutrik USB Jack.

The backside has 4 Midi IN and 4 Midi Out.

The encoders have steel axis and eloxated Aluminium knobs. They have a great feeling to them.

Details like the Orange Titan Panel screws along with custom made buttons out of the the same mandarin orange acrylic  add up to an overall impression of love for details and fun building it the best way possible.


Ah, the thing is just used a few times, could say unused.

Here are some pictures:





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fine looking device.  Out of curiosity, how did you do the laser cut button caps?

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Im interested in the unit. I would need shipping to Berlin however. Is it possible? Regardless , an amazing looking unit. M

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