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Sammich SID problem, please help!


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Hi! Long time no speak. 

So, I plugged in my Sammich after a 3 year break (I know, I'm sorry), and there's an issue. There is only some odd low level sounds. At one point I actually heard something like the SID, but it disappeared.

On opening up the box I found that the SIDS are REALLY hot when powered, like they burn to the touch. Any ideas, or starting points for investigation?

It's a pair of 8580's, 1A linear PSU, and it was working before. The mods are the potentiometer mods to A0-A4.

Many thanks!




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What are your voltages at the regulators and at the vcc on the pic and at the 8580? I would make sure you  have your voltages set properly. You can test with the sids out so you do not burn them. If the voltage is low you may have a short or have a bad solder or bad component somewhere to find. Maybe you are using the wrong power supply as well. That could be causing a lot of extra heat if the regulators have to dissipate a higher voltage as heat.

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