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I am working on a project to get the CEM3396 alive. I have programmed a Arduino to output 2 midi controlled, freq modulated, independent square wave oscillators. I also have programmed a LFO with saw+, saw-,sin,tri,square and S&H. I also have programmed a 6 part envelope generator. To envelope 6 voices at 1 time, so you need at least 2 of them. I also have programmed a midi master module to send seperate midi to the specific voice. I am working on a voice PCB with the filter options like the xpander from Oberheim. If i am ready to let you hear or see something, i will post it.

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About programming, maybe buy a core as you can directly program with the MIOS32, better for sharing your project here and MIDI features are already available ;)

For your Voice PCB, don't forget to design it for Wide and Narrow 3396 Packages!
I will folloow this ;)

Best Regards

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