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Recording / tracking MB SEQ Ableton


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Does anyone here do track recording in Ableton Live with MB SEQ?

I have problems getting it right, and wondered if anybody had any tips.


MB SEQ V4 (STM32F4) MIDI through USB

Lenovo Intel Core i7 / Windows 10

RME Fireface UCX

Ableton Live 9


I have tried running Ableton as Master and Slave

I have tried with Monitor in Ableton off and on

There is always a mismatch, just within a few bars some hits can be be about 6 milliseconds early and some about 6 milliseconds late.

Cheers, Hal  





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Hi Bruno

No, just Ableton. I have thought about getting Pro Tools or Cubase, but I'm old and can't be bothered to learn a new DAW

I have figured out a satisfactory  solution:

- Ableton as Master clock, connected to the MB SEQ with a MIDI cable from the RME Fireface UCX (actually more stable than MIDI over USB)

- MIDI Sync Delay set to - 2 ms, 

- Monitor in Ableton set to OFF. Monitoring direct through the RME audio interface

Did a lot of reading and testing.

Ableton works best as Master, it does not like to be a slave.

Also if Monitor in Ableton is left to On or Auto, as it is by default, Ableton assume that you are recording something you are playing live, so it moves the recorded audio according to the latency.

It's not really made for traditional track recording like Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic


Some hits are still early and some late, but it's within +/- 2 ms

The BPM on the slaved MB SEQ still fluctuates, but it's just jitter within +/- 1 BPM


Finally satisfied with my recording setup, so it's time to actually finalize some tunes :)






All the best, Hal

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