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PCBs for sale (again) incl. LRE8x2 & STM32F4Disco


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Hey people,

I cleaned up my room a bit and found some PCBs I do not need anymore. Here we go:




This is something I developed years ago! It has a PCB with 8 encoders with LED rings. Although they look blue, they are not. The LEDs (0603) are white! As you can see the PCB an be connected to a standard DOUT-module even without any resistors. The LEDs won't get damaged. I did a mistake in the wiring of the LEDs at this point. So if you follow the official LED-Matrix-Pattern, you will get crazy results. But anyway: This is a software-thing. If you change the matrix-pattern, they work perfectly. I'll advice you about it if you buy it.

I have two of those available. On one of them I needed to fix a trace (3rd. picture on the left). But it's perfectly working.

Encoders are Bourns PEC16 with integrated switch. Underneath there are three IDC connectors for the encoders and switches that can be directly connected to a DIN-module.

Price: 30€ each o.b.o.

Next is a LRE:



It has warmwhite LEDs. Lower row is mounted on spacer, the others not. Encoders are PEC16 with integrated switches.
On the switch-header I soldered a flat-cable directly. So if you don't need it you have to remove it.

Price: 35€



This is PCB where you can mount encoders on the top. Necessary shiftregisters have to be mounted on the backside. It's SMD, but can be soldered with a good soldering iron without any problems. No need for SMD-equipment like reflow-oven. 

Price: 3€ each



STM32F4 Discovery!
Price: 15€ each



AINSER8-module assembled.
Price: 6€ each


AINSER8-PCBs. Each PCB includes three layouts. I will not cut those in pieces. You have to do it by yourself.
Price: 4€ each PCB (=> 3 AINSER8 Layouts)


Price: 5€ each (two available)


DIO-Matrix-PCBs. Each PCB includes two layouts. I will not cut those in pieces. You have to do it by yourself.
Price: 4€ each PCB (=> 2 DIO-Matrix Layouts).


Price: 5€

That's it for now!
I'm located in Berlin, Germany. 


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