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I was wondering if anyone had any information on the MIDI implementation for the EUCON protocol that is now used to connect

several types of control surfaces to Cubase 10, Logic 10, Nuendo and Protools 2019.5


I think these control surfaces uses Ethernet interface, which is different to the standards used by MIDIBOX

but can be used alongside Mackie Control and generic control surfaces.

So think of the possibilities, although in all fairness, i do not know if any one has been able to turn their hand to getting their MIDI box to control all the parameters in 

all the different plug ins at the same tume. so please forgive me for my ignorance.


I would imagine that there would be little info on this protocol, as the manufacturers would likely want to keep this a closed platform



However, if someone already had a EUCON compatible control surface, I can't see why someone cant' rev engineer using basic mici sniffer apps

or even MATLAB Audio Toolbox?

apart from the obvious legal restrictions... but hobbyists.. may bend the rules a little for personal use?


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EUCON is proprietary and AVID (who buy it from Euphonix) don't let anyone manufacturing compatible HW controller.

Even industry big name that offer digitally controlled desk with at least five 0 on the bill can't implement eucon...

IIRC the only access is for soft dev that want to implement the protocol for they app, DAW or plugins (to be controlled by HW)

I suppose you need a confirmed company to have access to SDK, and sign restrictive NDA.

So my suggestion is... forget it :decayed:





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thanks for your advice, although, to be honest mate. i am not talking here about manufacturing but simply making a hobbyist control surface

that uses their protocol. From a MIDIbox mindset, i see EUCON as having massive potential.

I also realise that other people out there may also see the potential when its pointed out, and there are people in this world who do things

only for personal gain, and do not want anyone else to gain. Not saying that you are such a person, but there are people who do.


Anyway i could see that developing a control surface that mimicked the other manufacturers control surfaces wouldn't be that hard to create

especially as Cubase now has this Remote Control Editor feature which allows any control surface that is compatible to e mapped to practically any parameter 

in cubase.


So all a person need to do is get hold of one or more of the official control surfaces (Which includes Avid's Artist Series) and

simply sniff the midi data from the devices and then program their own device to send the same data,

As the drivers are given with the original devices, you don't even have to write software to run on PC
as long as your hard ware device outputs data that is the same in nature as the compatible desks


I highly doubt that Avid or any one else will investigate or prosecute a hobbyist who make 1 single control surface that uses their driver

as it would likely be bad for PR but also not be particularly cost effective. 






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Reverse engineering a protocol for private purposes is one thing, publishing the information another.

In any case: please don't publish any specific information about this protocol in this forum, this could bring me (as the forum owner) into serious legal issues!

Best Regards, Thorsten.

P.S.: I haven't looked into this protocol because I don't like the license. Anything which can't be openly published isn't interesting for my projects.

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Hello. Thorsten

Sure, i understand entirely.

I suggested this particular solution for people who may be frustrated with the limitations of the Mackie Control protocol.

Although to be honest, i may not have a full understanding of what can be done using the Mackie Control etc.

I also understand the legal implications, although you may understand that i have less respect now for big global corps

haven had a number of innovative designs concepts stolen from me a number of years ago, after i contacted several pro audio

companies  with a ground breaking idea, for the exchange of a few bits of equipment to start up a small charity based recording studio 

But alas, all the companies knocked back the idea, but then 1 year later, all of them and more had designs based on my concept

but what was even more ironic, is that they missed out a few really important elements to the design which i didn't tell them about

so they released designs that weren't as good as they could be. Still, a number of the mixers based on my concept that they stole

won big design awards. and i didn't even get even a mention. That's how these people work. nothing is below them. 

So. me having to rev eng one of their badly designed devices so i can build my own well designed device

is what i am resulted to

But never mind, this is the way of the world and even more so in the entertainment industry. 

sure. no problem. i will not publish any copy write work that i do not have the permission to use

even if half the industry has plagiarized my ideas.... but that's their transgressions

I guess that is generally what happens to innovative people, i.e. Joe Meek etc.

but nevermind. live long be happy.

Thanks for your platform. You are very kind to give this to people.!




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