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Mbox SID LCD "freezing" because of Bankstick?

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First I have to told you that I am using 2 Banksticks, just the first(A0 512) and the last(A7 256)

I did this to store ensembles in the last one and it didn't seem to be a problem. Both BS are recocgnized, for the last I just have to scroll trough the empty banks.

This seemed to be all working fine til the point I play the patch via Menu and scroll between the patches in the first Bank. The LCD freezes (and it looks like the whole Box freezed) but the sound is still playing and I can still change the patches via the Jogwheel/poti.

For recreating the issue I turn the Mbox on and play with the Menu, if I plug out the Bankstick-module, nothing freezes. 

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Unfortunately, not solved.

Looks like there is something getting hot and/or the 5v drops. The freezing happens by playing a patch continously and navigating thru the menu and switching knobs. Or maybe the 165 ICs are faulty...

In standby nothing freezes. 

I just ask if maybe someone knows this issue, I´ll hopefully figure it out, sooner or later.



Seems to be that problem, found under MB SID Troubleshoot

LCD freezes immediately or after some seconds, synth still functional
A rare number of LCDs don't support 4-bit access mode properly. This has been noticed on two PLED displays and one VFD display so far, "normal" HD44780 or KS0066 LCDs are working stable. Sometimes nibbles are swapped, so that the communication with the CLCD driver of MIOS is disturbed. 4-bit mode is required, as pin RB2 and RB3 are used for the CAN interface. If you notice such an issue, you could activate the alternative "custom" LCD driver, which is already part of the MIDIbox SID V2 firmware. It uses 8-bit mode by using two pins on port E to replace the two pins being used by the CAN. LCD pins D0 and D1 should be connected to PIC pins RB0 and RB1, and LCD pins D2 and D3 connect to PIC pins RE1 and RE2. The driver can be permanently activated via PIC ID Header (LCD type 7, see also Bootloader page), or by activating the DEFAULT_USE_CUSTOM_LCD_DRIVER switch in the setup_*.asm file

But if this is the case, how do I connect the CAN?

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