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SammichSID Issue: Arpeggiator doesn't seem to work as intended


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Hey guys,

I have a sammichSID which I built from kit a few years ago. It's a fantastic device, but I have a few issues which I can't seem to solve.

One is that the Arpeggiator doesn't seem to change direction. It only ever seems to go "Up" no matter how many times I change it to "Down" or any of the other settings.

Also, how can I tell if both SIDs are working? Are they both working when I get stereo output? Are the two SIDs required for stereo output, or can stereo output be achieved with only one SID? My sammichSID seems to have stereo output, and the green LEDs at the top move up and down at different rates on the left and the right. Does this mean both SIDs are working?

Thanks in advance,


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Got to check the arp settings on my MB6582 - but in general they should work. Which firmware version do you have installed? (Should be shown on bootup).

Regarding SIDs - yes, two SIDs are required for stereo output, there should be some nice patches where different PWM modulation is put on the L/R channels, so you can hear a subtle difference between them. Perform a filter sweep to see if the filters work on both left and right channels - then both your SIDs are confirmed working - the LEDs only indicate assumed output, you've got to listen to the unit's outputs to make sure that e.g. the SID filters are not broken.

If you need more output channels, you can use the Multi Engine (just init the patch that way), then you've got 6 instruments of pure SID joy (hard panned left/right)! :)

Many greets and enjoy!

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Greetings Hawkeye,

I'm a bit of a noob on this machine, even though I've had it for a while. I've only just realized how powerful it is. I don't have the machine with me where I am so I can't confirm firmware version, but I build it several years ago and I've never upgraded the firmware since I put it together. But from memory it's version 2 of the firmware, since v2 seems to have been out since I built it and I downloaded the latest version at the time.

Is there a way I can edit the steps or the chord of the arpeggiator manually and make it step down instead of up? No matter how many times I change the direction of the arpeggiator, it always seems to be the same.

Does the multi Engine require more than two SIDs? Surely it's one SID per channel, or is that an incorrect assumption?

I'm going to read the entire manual tomorrow and see if I can work it out, but if that doesn't work I'm going to try and re-upload the firmware to the device.

Thanks for your response.


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