"P-Locks" for Midibox Seq 4 ?

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Hello all. I read that is was possible to Parameter locks per step in the midibox and I am curious if it is possible to do this with Dvision settings, Scale and the parameters of say the ROBO effect on a per step level. Not seeing how to do this anywhere, but perhaps someone knows a work around.


Thank you!

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While the concept is differently named than on the Elektron sequencers, the parameter layers of the MIDIbox SEQ are very powerful and allow a "per-step" modification ("parameter locks") of different parameters.

Basically, up to 16 such layers can be enabled per track/sequence, and of course you have 16 tracks/sequences that can run in parallel!

Available parameter targets (layer names) are e.g. Note/Velcity/Gatelength/Chords/CC/PitchBender/Delay/Probability/Roll.
In addition you get trigger layers for functions like Gate/Skip/Accent/Glide/Roll/Random Gate/Random Value/No Fx.

With these features and a "high-res" sequence using many steps (e.g. 256 steps) and a high divider value (to play back steps quicker to retain the same short sequence runtime), you should be able to create almost anything that can be achieved with MIDI outputs, from drumrolls to filtersweeps, to... whatever you can imagine! :)

Many greets and enjoy!

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And never forget: from a loopback track it's possible to control sequencer parameters of another track, here the corresponding parameter numbers:

And while I was writing this, I remembered that I wanted to make this function also available from a parameter layer.

Here it is:


   o New parameter layer "Ctrl" allows to change track parameters as documented in

     the doc/mbseqv4_cc_implementation.txt table (previously this was only possible

     from a dedicated loopback track)

E.g. in the Event configuration page, I assigned Par. Layer E to Ctrl: Echo Rep. and Layer F to Ctrl: EchoFB.V - and it works: with each step a new value can be set, or previous setting will be kept if "---" is selected (turn encoder full-right)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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