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I am trying to implement foot controller with some tactile switches. I am trying to capture a button press and send MIDI data. I have trying to use the tutorial polling_j5_pins. I have changed the user button (PA0) to get initialized. I am unable to use the button yet to send a MIDI signal to computer. Where am i missing something to capture button press. The program doesnt enter the if condition shown in second image.



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where in the program did you put the "pin changed" code? i am pretty sure that you have to initalize the pins in the app-init, as a Digital input before..

if you have time till the day after tomorrow, i am not at home right now...

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i used J5 for LED Indication, and one User-Button, see this: MSQ-CC-BCR

i used this code for Initialisation:

void APP_Init(void){

  // LED:  initialize J5A pin1-3 & J5B pin0-3 as outputs in Push-Pull Mode
  int pin;
  for(pin=1; pin<8; ++pin) {MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinInit(pin, MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_OUTPUT_PP);}
     int a; for(a=1; a<8; a++) { MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(a, 0);} //Turn off all LEDs
  // MOMENTARY-BUTTON   initialize pin 0 of J5A,  as Digital input with internal Pull-Up


as exemple - in app background, for reading the J5 States:

void APP_Background(void){    // Set Bet Structure without LCD but with PIN 1 of J5A
	static rythm = 0; // initalized once
    // check J5 pin 0 for changes
    static s16 count       = 0;
    if ( MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinGet(0) == 0 ) { count = 500; }
    if ( count != 0  ) { count--; }
    if ( count == 1 )  {                        
                rythm_count++; // count thru

                switch ( rythm_count ) {
                        case 1:  rythm = 3;  break;
                        case 2:  rythm = 4;  break;
                        case 3:  rythm = 5;  break;
                        case 4:  rythm = 6;  break;
                        case 5:  rythm = 7;  break;
                        case 6:  rythm = 9;  break;
                        case 7:  rythm = 11; break;
                        default: rythm = 13; break;

if you want to Activate a J5 with the variable rythm_count from above (switch thru the LEDs), put it also in APP_Background for example

                    for( x=1; x<8; x++) { MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(x, 0);}   // Turn off all LEDs
                    switch ( rythm ) {
                        case 3:  MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(1, 1); break; // Turn on one LED - Indicate rythmset
                        case 4:  MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(2, 1); break;
                        case 5:  MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(3, 1); break;
                        case 7:  MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(4, 1); break;
                        case 9:  MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(5, 1); break;
                        case 11: MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(6, 1); break;
                        case 13: MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet(7, 1); break;} break;



i am still unsure what you mean with USER-Button, if you mean one of the onboard buttons, i cant help you... stil i dont see a need to use them to initalize the J5 GPIO... i would do this in APP_Init hardcodet, or with a other DIN... however thats it from my side.

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