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Change default track setup globally or per session

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I’ve a midibox seq v4+ and one thing I struggle with is that each time I switch to a new  pattern I have to reconfigure all the tracks setup (midi port, midi channel, track length).

i probably miss something but is there a way to define the track setup globally or even better, per session ?


i try to search on the wiki, and on the forum but didn’t have any luck 

i don’t mind editing some files directly on the SD card if it is the way to go but all I’ve tried do not works:/

thx for any suggestions 



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Hi Dimitri,

there are two ways how you can achieve this:

  • store/restore the track setup as a PRESET: Menu->Evnt, and then PRESET with GP Button #15
  • or store an entire setup as a session, and if you would like to use it as a template for another session, just use the "Save As" function

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Thx for the answer TK ! 
I already use the PRESET ad a default SESSION  for the initial setup and it works easily .

What puzzle me is  he fact that

  • I have to reselect the PRESET each time I go to a new pattern.
  • If I change my mind about some instrument config (the channel for example) I've to edit each pattern to reflect that change 

Is this the expected behaviour or am i missing something ?
I would expect that if I choose an instrument (PRESET) for a track It will be use for every new pattern unless I choose another instrument (PRESET) for a specific pattern?

Are PRESET defined per track or per pattern ?

Maybe the  'Save & Take over' feature could be a workaround for my first issue.

Sorry for the late reply but i try to avoid asking super dumb newbie question and  it took me times to explore the features and make a correlation between user manual with Wilba workflow and the new Midipy workflow;)

Thx again for the support and congrats for this amazing piece of hardware I really enjoy it !!!

Take care

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