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  1. Zero Circuit

    You are right, Interstellar was good, and I didn't find the music offputting.  But, back on topic, Peter, which part is played by the ESQ-M? I gotta say that sounds like a really tempting synth! Did you make a control assignment for your synth programmer for it?
  2. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    I am left-handed. I always thought the SeqV4 layout alright for me. On the other hand (no pun intended), the other machines I used the most are MPCs, and they (except for the 2000/2000XL) have the Menu section at the right, and that actually felt alright too. I must stress though that I am not really a keyboard player, I only ever write drums in real time, so the switching-while-playing argument doesn't really apply. I do agree that left-handed people are just so used to doing things with their right hand, not being given the choice (computer mouse being an obvious example), that they are more comfortable to do so. EG I hold my mobile phone in my right and write text messages with my right thumb.  At home I have the sequencer on the left and the mixer on the right, and that's the configuration i always default to. I think it's because like that, I can use my better coordinated hand to do stuff on the sequencer, like using the thumb to hold the menu key and index or ring finger to switch to a different mode or mute/unmute stuff, while adjusting faders/sends on the mixer. Now you really got me thinking if the example layout above wouldn't be better for me!
  3. Zero Circuit

      Hans Zimmer is really the worst thing that can happen to a movie.
  4. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Yes, I am using the STM32F4  core. Thanks a lot!
  5. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi, too bad about the Drum CCs. I reckon you wanted to implement it originally, TK, and that's why it says "TODO" where the "CC" entry of the other Track Types normally is... I just use a second track set as a CC track if I want to automate drums. Would be very neat though to have it combined though. Also on Drum Tracks, would it be possible that Transpose would transpose  +/-16 notes (or +/-8 if the Drum Track is set to 8 notes)? So you could quickly go through different banks of drum kits of 16 sounds each. I also started to put together a "cheat sheet" that lists all the key combinations and extra menus that are not immediately apparent. I think it would nicely compliment the Beginner's Guide on the Wiki. @jjonas, would you be able to create a Wiki profile for me? It's pretty much just info that is in the release notes, but organised according to the menu pages (and checked if still relevant).
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Cool, that is great with the counters. The Sync-dependencies-change also works. Thank you. It would be neat if on the Pattern screen, pressing Select plus the new Slot (also pressing new Slot, then pressing Select) would momentarily bypass the Pattern Change Considered setting and immediately select the next Slot as if Pattern Change Considered were disabled - say you have a drum break programmed on Slot 8, you can switch immediately by holding Select plus GP 16, then normally select the main pattern in eg. Slot 1 again, and bam, it comes back in on the 1 after 16 bars!
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Alright, I get it: for it to work reliably, you FIRST need to press Copy, then, while it's copying (and you are still holding Copy), you need to press Paste. The Patterns in the new Slots then get selected immediately, ignoring the Pattern Change Synchronization Option (3/25). Wouldn't it make more sense if that would be kept? Imagine you are wanting to make the copy-paste-and-switch-action after 16 bars of playing one Slot, easy to trip you out of the right counting like that.    While I was trying this out, I realized something else that seems counter-intuitive: With Pattern Change Synchronization on, you need to set Option 2, "Pattern Change Synchronization Change considered each XX steps" the same or smaller as Option 1, Track Synchronization Steps per Measure. That is unfortunate, as again, imagine you only ever want to change patterns every 16 bars (the max step number of 256), but you want that irregular 14 step pattern on Track 5 reset every two bars (which is why you set Track Synchronization Steps per Measure to 32). No luck, stuck on that pattern! So I would argue it would be better if these two were independent from another, meaning the Track Sync doesn't reset the Pattern Change Sync "step counter". If one were to compare  to Ableton Live, you can set the "Global Quantization" to be 16 bars, but each clip can have any length. It would also be great if these two "counters" would be included in the Step View (underneath the Pattern Overview Cursor maybe, as two lines filling up), to give you a "synchronization aid" if you've been jamming so hard you fell out of the count.  In the Root Menu, there is a Measure counter anyways, so what about refining this to be included in the Step View, too, displaying both "Total Measures Played" and "Measures Played since this Pattern Was Selected" - handy to see how long you have been on the same pattern. Thanks a lot for your time!
  8. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    There are no Song Mode events that allow to automate changes of Force To Scale and the Root Note, and also Groove settings.    Also, this:  doesn't seem to work here (STMF32F4). It does say it copies patterns to PRESETS on the screen, but when I then switch to the next Pattern position, it's empty. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  9. How do You play?

    Looks like you have been thinking about smaller luggage, too.
  10. How do You play?

    To answer my own question: yes, go to Utility, Disk, Import (or Export). Learned another thing.
  11. How do You play?

    Hi Hal, are you aware of the Pattern Remix feature? This will allow you to select per track to changeover between the playing and an upcoming pattern. I haven't really figured it out yet, as, like you and Haweye, I normally do more of a one-session-per-track (or loop...) workflow. But it looks really intriguing. When you use this mode, each pattern save position has an associated Mixer Map, and the PC and CCs get dumped for the tracks where pattern changeover occurs, automatically lining up the correct new sound (PC can also be set in the Track Instrument parameters). So this gives you independent bar-synced switching between two "scenes" (bar length can be set in the options). If you use phrase mode, you can actually achieve a similar thing with the four independent pattern groups. Lets assume Group 1 plays a poly synth on track 2, an mono line on track 2, bassline on track 3 and track 4 is configured as a transposer Bus track with slow subdivision. Group 2 plays background samples and noises with long release, Group 3 has your main beat split out over all four tracks as 1 basic beat KK Clap or something such, 2 hats, 3 snare, 4 Nth-trigger kind of fills. Group 4 triggers Loops like shakers etc that get automatically timestretched / transposed to the BPM by some awesome sampler.  Now you can assign the next Phrase to: -change nothing in Pattern Group 1 -Stop all background samples by muting all tracks in Pattern Group 2 -mute the snare track in Pattern Group 3 -Switch to new loops in Group 4 The Phrase after that will then change over more patterns to the new song etc. So you can actually get pretty smooth with some preparation! But what I haven't figured out yet is how to get the patterns from all your different "one-song" sessions imported into and organized in a new "Live Act" session. Is this possible? If you would do that, I think it would be mandatory to always have the same track number have the same function, like Track 9 is the Kick and track 3 is the bassline etc. I used to do some hardware-only live PAs, but that was mainly with several pieces of gear that all had their own internal sequencers (MPCs, 909, Nord Modular etc), but I want to develop a smaller setup that is transportable. It's always been a major hassle carting all that gear around, in the small places I'd play I'd normally also have to  bring my own mixer. At the moment I am thinking about: MBSeq, Ambika configured as a 4 voice poly synth and two mono voices, Moog Minitaur, Nord Modular G2 Engine, Audiothingies Doubledrummer (small digital drumsynth with 128 kits) and I just ordered this Tsunami Board that  @Elektruck  turned me on to for sample playback. I also have a EHX 45000 looper that can sync to MIDI Clock and record synced loops on the fly that I really like. That's still way too much stuff though (would still need some FXs and a mixer...) and needs to get streamlined further. What would you be cooking up? What kind of music are we talking about? Well, "limited" isn't the term I would use for your jams, rather "epic" :-)
  12. Recommend me a sampler

    If I understood correctly, you could connect the Core and the Tsunami over SPI on J16, in line with the SD card. Would it then be possible to send the serial commands from the Core to the Tsunami? Do they kinda "speak the same language"? I am sorry for the simplistic questions. The interesting commands are the serial ones, MIDI-only can't do so much intersting stuff. EG Pitch Bend and the Attack and Release Time (CC7 and 72) are gonna affect all the sounds (at least that's how I understand it), but the serial command could change the sample rate of each output independently +/- 1 octave. You could also dynamically set out of which output the sound gets played etc. Thanks for your help! 
  13. Recommend me a sampler

    Can anybody that is more knowledgeable than me estimate how hard it would be to connect a Core module via SPI to the Tsunami for more in-depth control? There is an Arduino Serial Library (written in C), so it must be feasible to port these commands into the Midibox-world?  Imagine an instrument that uses one of latigid on's new Sequencer PCB as a CS, the preset management system running on the Core. Then add some Shruti filter boards for two or four of the outs controlled via CV-NG modules and a passive mixer with make-up-gain for the Tsunami's eight outs (the direct outs would be switched - might even provide an insert point like eg on the Vermona DRM1 MK3), and you got something like an updated Emu SP-12!!! That would be the machine I want.
  14. Hi Ilmenator, are those kits still available? If so, I want one. Best, Gabriel
  15. Recommend me a sampler

      Hi Elektruck, thanks a lot for your extra info! I had not seen that thread.That Tsunami board looks very interesting, more polyphony than I'd ever need, plus lots of outputs, so you can have two stereo outs for drums plus two for synth / background sound samples. Actually, that's something that struck me as almost a "waste" on the Midibox SD Card Sample Player: what's the use of playing back mono sounds perfectly centered over two channels? Feels like wasting a channel that could play another sound!