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PCBs to European Union


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Having a "spare" 88-key Fatar keyed a colleague of mine was throwing out (ex-Doepfer LMK3 probably), I was interested to find the UCAPPS/Midibox project. If I want to MIDIfy the keybed, Midibox (or MIDIO128v3) is certainly more mature than anything I could kludge together.

If I understand correctly, those handy pre-made PCBs are only available via US maker Modular Addict? Or have I missed anything, and there is a EU-based maker or reseller?

Question to those in the European Union who have purchased from Modular Addict: how much hassle (and extra cost) was it to get the PCBs imported? I'm in Germany, so I'm particularly interested in the experience that other Germany-based folks have made.

All the best,


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I have designed a core especially for keyboard application with four pedals, midi I/o and connectors for wheels and aftertouch. 

So that's what you had in mind. I used the core and had a go in Eagle for the first time to make some additional PCB's to go with it, and eventually produced an NG Box for code practise.. Thanks




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