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MIDI translation module for a Mackie C4 Pro


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So I am planning to build a microcontroller as an interface between a Mackie C4 Pro and, theoretically, any kind of Hardware/Software component. The component that is to be controlled will be determined, and the configurations specified, by templates which will be stored on an SD card. To realize this I will be using the STM32F4 module with the SD card interface and a MIDI 2x2 module. Eventually another 2x2 is planned to additionally connect a MIDI keyboard.

I am a newbie to the MIDIbox forum so I started researching and decided to take the NG project as a starting point. To me this means that in order to implement this I need to alter the .ngc .ngl and .ngr files to a) have a communication with the Mackie that will, basically, always stay the same and b) generically prepare the other side of the microcontroller so that the user can specify the mappings to his hardware/software himself. RPN, NRPN and SysEx must be possible.

This of course means that the chosen parameters and their state will be required to be displayed on the Mackie's displays, which, after reading the NG and STM32F4 specifications, I think is possible.

A final requirement is that the configurations will have to be stored into a textfile (I was thinking XML) so that the user won't need to actually open the .ngc files and do his settings there, but rather that on startup the device considers the textfile as belonging to a certain configuration file, checks if something was altered in the textfile, if so applies it to the configuration data and then sets that up as the current configuration state.


What do you guys think? Does that sound possible? Did I choose the right components? And has anyone ever done something similar and encountered problems that maybe I could encounter too?

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