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Found 11 results

  1. I was wondering about how the pre-definition of the SysEx STREAM_MAX_SIZE variable (as 128) in mnbg_event.c came about. The reason I am asking is that I have recurring problem with [MIOS32_MIDI_Receive_Handler] Timeout on port 0x21 which, as I have found in other posts, means that there is an overflow on MIDI In 2. In my setup this is the "return" port of a hardware synthesizer, that I am controlling with control elements on another MIDI hardware device (bidirectionally connected on MIDI In/Out 1). While switching through various editing modi on device 2 it always sends a SysEx dum
  2. I found some posts here with similar thematics, but it did never seem quite covered for my application case, so I thought I'd start a new one.. I am reading and processing a program parameter dump from a hardware synthesizer, and some of its parameters are woven into one single byte of the dump (for example the activation and polarity of certain envelope parameters can be (de-)activated/polarity-switched). And since I want to control these parameters from a hardware controller, I need to read and display the, currently set, values on the controller's displays. That is why I am calli
  3. So at one point during my development of an app on NG basis on a STM32F4 core, my SesEx tool stopped working. I used it to send messages to both a Mackie C4 and a Korg M3R, which both responded in the beginning. The confusing thing is, that I can still communicate with both via my .ngc and .ngl scripts. I address them both by their ports (Macke on MIDI port 1 = 1000100000001000; M3R on MIDI port 2 = 0100010000000000) and there it works! Still something must have been misconfigured on the way and I can't imagine what, because I'm still pretty much in the beginning. I also used to get
  4. So I am planning to build a microcontroller as an interface between a Mackie C4 Pro and, theoretically, any kind of Hardware/Software component. The component that is to be controlled will be determined, and the configurations specified, by templates which will be stored on an SD card. To realize this I will be using the STM32F4 module with the SD card interface and a MIDI 2x2 module. Eventually another 2x2 is planned to additionally connect a MIDI keyboard. I am a newbie to the MIDIbox forum so I started researching and decided to take the NG project as a starting point. To me this means
  5. Hello all, For the past week or so, I've been trying to learn my way around SysEx for the purpose of setting up a Behringer BCR2000 to program the sammichSID. After much trial and error, I have had some success, but I have hit a wall with the Voice Envelope ADSR. Since Attack/Decay and Sustain/Release each share a respective address, I can't sort out how to control them independently without issue. Currently, I am using the BC Manager software (https://mountainutilities.eu/bcmanager) with the help of the SID Ctrlr panel to send the following data (for OSC 1 L/R): Attack: $F
  6. hi all, i posted this question in the troubleshooting section first, but jaytee recommended to post it here to call more attention- i have a strange problem with my sidbox; it seems it does not send any sysex messages. my setup: -macbook with 10.9.5 -neusonik im/one midi-interface (successor of the uMIDI/O22 on the whitelist, claimed to be technically identic) -sidbox (one core, two sids, latest firmware (v2_044)) Uploading the firmware works fine and i can also send patches from computer to sidbox (e.g. taken from the vintage bank). But if i click "receiv
  7. i have a strange problem with my sidbox; it seems it does not send any sysex messages. my setup: -macbook with 10.9.5 -neusonik im/one midi-interface (successor of the uMIDI/O22 on the whitelist, claimed to be technically identic) -sidbox (one core, two sids, latest firmware (v2_044)) Uploading the firmware works fine and i can also send patches from computer to sidbox (e.g. taken from the vintage bank). But if i click "receive patch" or "receive bank", the sidbox only sends short stuff like "F0 00 00 7E 4B 00 F7" or "F0 00 00 F7". Same thing when trying to dump with "
  8. hi my idea is: put a *.syx on the SD-Card put the SD-Card in a STM34F4 core var a. Core recognizes a *.syx and send it out on Port 32 (Midi A) var b. I activate something in the program (with a Dip switch for example) and now it loads up for what: in use with generic Midicontrollers (BCR2000) to transfair a CC-Layout that is fitting to the Midibox programm for which project: http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=msq-cc-bcr what i have up to now... char filepathL[8]; //Number of Pathsymbols tm/bcr.sys >>> 8 max
  9. Hi! Since there is no Wavetable Editor in Ctrlr for the lead engine yet, i made one in PD. I attached a simple Patch that just writes into the patch-buffer. The second also reads from the buffer or from saved patches (*.syx). You will need Pd-extended to run the patches. Editing the wavetable is done by drawing around. I kept these patches as simple as possible, so you can use them as a starting point and add other sysex functions, ipad-support (via osc), reversing, scaling, harmonizing,... ( try py/pyext) by yourself, before porting it to Max for Live. tested on Mac OSX and Linux (
  10. I decided to go ahead and try to write my own sammichSID patch editor for the GURU Renoise tool. There's one slight problem - I have no *$%$% idea what I'm doing. I'll explain my dilemma... After some research I see that someone already created a GURU script for sammichSID. Great! It uses CC messages, but because the Sammich does NOT save CC changes to the patch buffer this does me absolutely no good. Not so great. So I see there is a Ctrlr panel for MidiboxSID/sammichSID. Great! It is buggy at absolute best. Not so great. I'm using Vista, and to put things simply, the Ctrlr panel does thi
  11. Hi folks, I am building a sammichSID from the recent batch and have an issue. I am at the stage where I am trying to use MIOS Studio to speak to the Sammich. After turning on the Sammich while plugged in, I saw a single f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 message in the MIDI In window. And now when the Sammich turns on I get "MIOS V1.9" and then "Ready." When querying I received a "No response from MIOS8 or MIOS32 core!" message and started following the Troubleshooting guide. So when testing my interface via Loopback, I got a detected feedback loop. Good! But when I tried to send
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