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Who is MaxB?


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Does anyone know if the guy in this video (@MaxB) is still here on the forums?


You see, I purchased an army green MB-6582 some years ago, that looked identical to the one in the video (e.g., same panels & phillips head screws, same mixed red & green colored LEDs and knob set, etc.), so I'm like 99.5% sure it was his build.

Simply knowing that you could make such an instrument yourself, gave me the inspiration to seek out these forums and learn some electronics, so that I could eventually roll up my own sleeves and build one of these bad boys.

After studying my muse for what now seems like forever, I finally picked up a soldering iron around Christmas time 2019, and I still haven’t put it down...  :-)

So, I just want to thank MaxB for introducing me to this wonderful universe and I want to thank TK and the rest of this community for all the support that's been fueling this new addiction! 

Cheers all!



Here what she currently looks like today, with new knobs and LEDs and a few more battle scars to prove her warrior status ;-)



...here's a peek under the hood at some of the changes & MODs I've made...



Original knobs & panel screws...



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By the way, I'm selling this synth in the Fleamarket [EDIT: SOLD]


Which is why I got a bit nostalgic when I thought about actually parting with it, and I drafted the note above.

I may never find out who the mysterious builder / seller is or was, but I'm certainly grateful for the transaction...  ;-)

Cheers all,



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