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Ways to change the Sd card pins definition on STM32F4 boards


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Hi here,

I try to modify the pin definition mapping between MIOS and hardware because I use a STM32F4VGT alternative board with a sd card directly implemented and the pins are differents for the midibox standard pins.

I need to swap this standart Midibox Ports to this new ones :

Midi box  | Alternatie board

From image.thumb.png.5b714226f1c984b68114cb83da341305.png

To :



How can I do that ?


Thanks a lot by advance !


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All pin of the STM32F4 are General purpose I/O(GPIO) but they have limited alternative functions.

The pins for this SD Card are used for other ports/peripherals.

PC10 is used for the onboard DAC(Disco)
PC11 is the LCD Read/Write
PD2 is the UART5 RX(MIDI)
PC12 is the UART5 TX(MIDI)

So you will have to remap more than this pins, cause the functions you remove has to move on an other pins, to get all MIOS32 ports available and avoid conflict.

I strongly suggest to follow the regular pinout and add an external SD Card Socket

...Or you can download the datasheet, open a blank excel sheet and start a long adventure... ;)

Note: your CPU must be a STM32F407xx for MIOS32 to work properly.

Best regards


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Like I said before, it's not something easy.
SD Card can be shifted to any predefined SPI port J16(default) J8/9(SRIO) and J19. They are unfortunately not defined over your requested pins.
Moving the SPI to your desired pins is something deeper, and the functions defined on this pins will have to be moved somewhere else then move another somewhere else again.
It's not in one unique file, it's multiple header files you have to modify in MIOS32.
There's no quick answer for your request, it needs study and time.

Best regards


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