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  1. Okay, And for shifting SD card to J16, J8/9 or J19, how can I do that ?
  2. Hi ! Where I can remap those pins ? in which file ? It is for a MIDI128 application
  3. Hi here, I try to modify the pin definition mapping between MIOS and hardware because I use a STM32F4VGT alternative board with a sd card directly implemented and the pins are differents for the midibox standard pins. I need to swap this standart Midibox Ports to this new ones : Midi box | Alternatie board From : To : How can I do that ? Thanks a lot by advance !
  4. Anyone could help ? I don't find any .ngc parameter file
  5. Hi Here ! Is it possible to use Oled displays SSD1306 with midi 128 ? There is no information about it here : http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=oled I wonder if I need to change something in the code. Best Regards
  6. How can I know which reference I should use to replace it ? How ca I know where is the cristal on the board ? Thanks a lot Antichambre ;)
  7. Thanks, Is it possible to modify anything on the code to get this board working with MIOS32 ? I just need MIDIO128, maybe that could help.. Thanks by advance !
  8. This is not working ;) I get the same error. Did you see something weird in the shématic attached to my previous post ? How can I check the wiring ? I am not so experimented in MCU but i'am okay to give it a try :)
  9. Hi, i tryied swdio and st link 2, i use the .hex file. I tried with dfu with dfususe, but i create a dfu with st dfu gui tool, and this never work (also with other boards which with i success to upload with swdio) i am not sure of the process to create the dfu file I fond out the schématic if you see something i did not see YD-Pyboard407PLUSsch.PDF
  10. Hi, I tryed to upload midibox over differents Stm32F407 Board. I succes for this one : https://github.com/mcauser/MCUDEV_DEVEBOX_F407VGT6 and https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/4000602517153.html and everything is working. But I tryied over this one : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005001301923643.html, and when I upload MIOS Bootloader and plug the board, the Usb device is not reconized... I spend hour to trying to solve this ... Any clues, ideas to make this working ?
  11. Thanks ! How can I deal with pinrange option ? I use MIDIO 128 for midifing instruments... Best
  12. Hi Here, I have an instrument to midify, and no way to use switch for imputs since I have analog sensors. By the way, this is a question of wiring and I don't need to have velocity changing according on the analog value of the sensor. By the way, If i could have a theshold to set from which value the note start to be considered On in combinaison of ainser64 module, could be a really good thing because my sensors are optical and need to me indovidually calibrated ! At the moment I was just wondering if it's possible to do that with the ainser64 module or not. Best Regar
  13. What is the DMA exactly ? Thanks for your answear :)
  14. Hi Everyone, Could anyone say me what are the things to do to port actually midibox stm32f4 on those board ? Is it only a question of PIN definition ? Do we have to modify cristal frequency ? Is it a long work to do ?
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