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CV Sampling (J5 Pin 0/1)


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for my  CV1

i want to sample/record the ControlVoltage which is connected to J5 Pin0 and Pin1.

Mostly for Envelopes (which i get from an envelope follower), which i read out in Milliseconds...thats enough since its for VCA and not a VCO...

I can not directly scan it via Board_J5_Pin Get--- because this routine is only for Digital Signals:

so i have to use the AIN-Driver... or is there any other way? Has anybody programmed already some kind of BIT-Crusher? (AIN to AOUT), or some stripped down code - that is more easy to understand, to get get access directly to the GPIO?

I miss some basic knowledge to abserve some basic GPIO-Readout... in the AIN-Driver i identificate my 2 pins:
  { ADC_Channel_11, GPIOC, GPIO_Pin_1 }, // J5A.A0
  { ADC_Channel_12, GPIOC, GPIO_Pin_2 }, // J5A.A1


but maybe its better to copy the whole AIN-Driver to the project-directory, and strip it down until i get a glue... renamed it to sampler and include it... i see that coming...



when stripping it down to scan only one channel, without DMA, oversampling, deadband and all that stuff:

#include <mios32.h>

static u16 ain_pin_values;

// this table maps ADC channels to J5.Ax pins
typedef struct {
  u8            chn;
  GPIO_TypeDef *port;
  u16           pin_mask;
} adc_chn_map_t;

static const adc_chn_map_t adc_chn_map = { ADC_Channel_11, GPIOC, GPIO_Pin_1 };

//! Initializes AIN driver
s32 AIN_Init(u32 mode) {

  // clear variables
  ain_pin_values = 0;

  // set analog pins
  GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_InitStructure;
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Mode  = GPIO_Mode_AN;
  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_PuPd = GPIO_PuPd_NOPULL;

  GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Pin = adc_chn_map.pin_mask;
  GPIO_Init(adc_chn_map.port, &GPIO_InitStructure);

  // enable ADC1/2 clock
  RCC_APB2PeriphClockCmd(RCC_APB2Periph_ADC1 | RCC_APB2Periph_ADC2, ENABLE);     

  // configure ADCs
  ADC_CommonInitTypeDef ADC_CommonInitStructure;
  ADC_CommonInitStructure.ADC_Mode = ADC_DualMode_RegSimult;
  ADC_CommonInitStructure.ADC_Prescaler = ADC_Prescaler_Div2;
  ADC_CommonInitStructure.ADC_DMAAccessMode = ADC_DMAAccessMode_2;
  ADC_CommonInitStructure.ADC_TwoSamplingDelay = ADC_TwoSamplingDelay_5Cycles;

  ADC_InitTypeDef ADC_InitStructure;
  ADC_InitStructure.ADC_ScanConvMode = ENABLE;
  ADC_InitStructure.ADC_ContinuousConvMode = DISABLE;
  ADC_InitStructure.ADC_ExternalTrigConvEdge = ADC_ExternalTrigConvEdge_None;
  //ADC_InitStructure.ADC_ExternalTrigConv = ADC_ExternalTrigConv_None;
  ADC_InitStructure.ADC_DataAlign = ADC_DataAlign_Right;
  ADC_InitStructure.ADC_NbrOfConversion = 1;
  ADC_Init(ADC1, &ADC_InitStructure);
  ADC_Init(ADC2, &ADC_InitStructure);

  // enable ADCs

  return 0;

//! Returns value of an AIN Pin
s32 AIN_PinGet(u32 pin)	{ return ain_pin_values; }

//! Checks for pin changes
s32 AIN_Handler(void *_callback) {

			u32 pin_value = ain_pin_values;
  return 0; // no error

at least the Initalize is done there (hopefully)

but which part of the code really reads out the Pin-Value isnt clear for me





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