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Teensy 4.1 DIY Synthesizer


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  • 1 month later...

I'm building wooden side panels for Jeannie.
My beautiful office has been transformed into a carpentry workshop. And who cleans up afterwards.. (:


Jeannie with self-made wooden side panels..


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Очень красиво и профессионально! А еще я хочу представить окончательную версию вашего гениального устройства в моей одноплатной версии.

Very nice and professional! I also want to present the final version of your ingenious device in my single board version.




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  • 3 months later...

Neue Jeannie Preview Beta Test-Ver. 2.81

Added more polyhonic synthesis from Mutable Braids and Shruthi Synthesizer

  • Braids VOWL: low-fi Vowel synthesis. PRM_A : formant, PRM_B : formant_shift
  • Shruthi ZSAW: Phase-distortion sawtooth with filter sweep
  • Shruthi ZSYNC:
  • Shruthi ZTRI:
  • Shruthi ZRESO:
  • Shruthi ZPULS:
  • Shruthi Chrushed_Sine:
  • Braids CSAW: no functions at the moment
  • Braids VOSM Sawtooth with 2 formants. PRM_A : formant1 frequency, PRM_B : formant2 frequency
  • Braids TOY Low-fi Circuit-bent sounds. PRM_A : sample reduction, PRM_B : bit toggling
  • Braids SuperSaw: Swarm of 7 sawtooths, PRM_A: Detune, PRM_B High-pass filter
  • Braids ZLPF : Direct synthesis of LP/Peaking/BP/HP filtered waveform
  • Braids ZPKF : PRM_A: Cutoff frequency, PRM_B: Waveshape
  • Braids ZBPF :
  • Braids ZHPF :


Youtube: https://youtu.be/SCL5GZZQ7MU

Github: https://github.com/rolfdegen/Jeannie-Open-source-Synthesizer

Greetings from germany. Rolf :)

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