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.DXF's for LC/MC control


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Im at the stage where I need to design the front panel for my Mackie Control emu.

Does anyone have a dxf/dwg file for the spacing of the channels in relation to the LCDs (2x 2x40's). ie I dont know exactly where I should position the motorfaders so they line up with the LCD display.

Or is there an easy way to figure this out?


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Hi Rowan

Yeah I am using those 4x40s (found the datasheet thanks)

The characters are coming out scrambled tho, you can make out what it is spose to say but some of the letters are missing or wrong. Its really strange eg Instead of "MIOS 1.7" I get "MOS 1.7" or "MIS 1" or some other random variation. Its really doing my head in. I've rewired the core->lcd several times now. I'll post this in the troubleshooting section again.

Hey what are you doing with that Oban or what ever it was called mixing desk thing off Trade-me? I thought it may have made a good MB_LC clone.



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Hi LO,

I still haven't tried the LCD's yet so I can't offer you any advice at this stage, I hope we haven't been sold lemons.

You are only using the top 2 rows, right? If so what have you done with the second enable line. Maybe It should be tied low? I don't know, just taking a stab.

I'm going to use the Orban DSE7000 as a "shell" for a MBLC. I've ripped the thing to bits, de-solderd all the buttons and faders. It proved to be a resonable buy, no motorfader though.

40 x quaility illuminated buttons with removable LED's (I think this is cool, i'll be able to easily change LED colour if I need to in the future).

10 x 100mm 10k lin faders

1 optical encoder with nice wighted Jog wheel

A Case, pre cut

And a desk with a pull out keyboard tray and monitor stand with enough room for 2 x 17" LCD monitors

I think I'll add a 40 x 4 LCD and 8 encoders.

I've started working on the PCB layout, which is a mission. Got to get every thing in just the right spot or it wont fit in the case.



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