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Side Markings for 100mm fader?


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Hi All

How's everyone doing?  I've been using the Schaeffer software to design the front panels (if you haven't used it, i highly reccomend it, inexpensive and you can DIY).

Anyway, does anyone know the 'exact' measurements for the markings along the side of a 100mm fader (e.g. 0db, 6db at the top ....)?

I've tried searching for it here and on the interweb, but still haven't found it.  I'm sure it will help quite a few people here as i see in the gallery that a lot of midiboxes don't have any markings along the faders.

Anyway, thanks in advance  ;D

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Hi Rooney,

Like Screaming_Rabbit said, it depends on your software.

But you could take a look at the Mackie and Emagic Logic manuals:



There are some detailed drawings of the faders with the markings in them.


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Thanks Screaming Rabiit and Raphael for your help.  I've decided to go with indicative markings only as i've found that, with using a variety of software, the numbers (i.e. dB) would not match up.  I've also found that the only important one is the 0dB marking.  I've also put markings for the centre position as this is useful for when you flip the faders (to work as the encoders).

Thanks again,

rooney ;D

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Hi Rooney

... as a professional Soundengineere, working daily with automation, I can tell you, that what you intend to do, is the only thing you'll really need.

I suggest that you label your marks anyway... for example with +3, +2, +1, 0 (unity), -1,-2,-3 ... and so on.

When working with automation, you don't need the exact value, you can read that from the display or your hostsoftware. What you need, is a relative position recognition of the fader (physically)... for example when you're overwriting a mix pass. When you label the marks, it's easier to remember the fader position for your brain (don't have to count marks)

Greets, Roger

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