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Need help with my parts selection for a controller


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OK i have had to put a hold on my SIDs for a little while now (Nearly a damn year) but i want to get back into them but first i want to design a little controller.

I want a small DJ mixer with 3 sliders and 6 rotarys and two switchs with the ability to add more switchs later if possible.

I want to use the sliders from a Stanton mixer because they are rail slides and i need these to achieve the usability needed (Turntablism)

They are designed to control VCAs so will this work ? , I thought these would work with the analogue inputs ?

Do i have to have a screen or can i just build with a standard MIDI CC setup ?

Am i looking at a standard MB64 or do i need to do something else ?

A Mixer similar to the one i am using the case of and want to use the faders too


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No idea... If you got the Stanton mixer check if the faders are 100% linear. If they are logarithmic (and most mixers do use logarithmic types) you can nearly forget it. For checking: Just attach an Ohmmeter and put the fader to the middle, if it reads about 5k (10 k total) it´s ok, if it reads something around 500 Ohm (10 k total) it´s a logarithmic type.

I am actually using ALPS faders (ordered at www.albs.de) and they are damn good! Nice soft DJ mixer feeling! Perhaps you should consider buying the faders (from ALPS or P&G)..


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No i need rail slides for turntablism, They aren't smooth they are completly loose, you can even blow em with your mouth from one side to the other :)

this is what you can do with some albs sliders too. Some mixers have albs in their housing.
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