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  1. Iedereen bedankt voor de felicitaties. Volgend jaar 40 dan maar ff feessie bouwen toch :)

    1. EsotericLabs


      Hiep hiep hoera. Midibox begint na de 40!

    2. technobreath


      At least then the kids start to get a bit older, and you can kick them out of the baby room and have some friggin space for working with it :P. Contrats Twin-X!

  2. New forum platform software?

    I have no clue what you are talking about as you do not provide an example. And i do not know how to interpertate your post as it does not looks like constructive feedback but more like a complaint that you do not agree with this update. I could be wrong thinking this so could you please be so kind to elaborate?
  3. Everyone a happy new year!!!!

    1. technobreath


      merry christmas comes first.

  4. Yay i finally made the first set: I am offering black acrylic sandwich panels for the GM5x5x5 by nILS. I am asking €10,- per set (the black ones or the clear type like my windows) and this includes shipping world wide. Beware that is is not in dollars. Sorry ;) (a set exists of 1 top panel and 1 bottom panel) It is possible to make them in a diffent color but then i am gonna charge you €15,- per set and you wil have to wait 2 weeks. If you want a set or more send me a pm with your paypal adres so i can invoice you. The best i could do with engraving do not expect it to be laser cut shiny. You could always DIY it by filling it with paint and wet sand the edges of the panels a bit for a better finish. Jeffry IMG_6724.JPG IMG_6725.JPG IMG_6724.JPG IMG_6725.JPG
  5. Sta je dan! Bij de Esso midden op de A7. Tank leeg en portomonee laten liggen op je bureau :( #kansloosfiguurdiejef

    1. Antix


      some days you have to stay in your bed or ...leave your office later

  6. Hehe ik mag eindelijk naar bed van mijn werkgever :P

    1. Shuriken


      Lol, that facebook integration works great. But i guess you will have to post in english now ;)

      Slaap lekker

  7. Facebook integration works now!! Go to your profile and link it to your FB account for easy login.

  8. Doug Wellington (MB-808) Contact / Status?

    I agree. And Doug, If you have issues bringing the forum back why don't you have me take a look at it? Greetz, Jef
  9. [WTB] 2x GM5X5X5 Midi PCBs

    Nope i sold everyting your too late. Sorry.
  10. Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

    So i am out of money actually But the true reason for the selling is i cannot manage myself to finish stuff. So im going to sell a lot of stuff. The money is needed becuase i broke up with the girl after 12 years of happines. And now she left with all the money. (i got the house actually ;) ) Anyway since i am single it seems i have less spare time. However some projects are lying here collecting dust for more then 8 years. So that is no excuse. I need to clean up and i need to do it fast :) So watch this topic as more stuff will be added. 1 rule though!!! You get no support from me. So you buy it as is!! You need to fix build or trouble shoot the stuff yourself. I really have no time for it! First item. A fully build TR-9090 some drums make a normal sound but some don't so it needs fixing trouble shooting. The transistors etc are the original tr-909 parts and not the ones from the partlist. You get a bag of spare transitors diodes etc to fix things. Selling price €350,- + Shipping SOLD 2nd Item. A ML-303 V5 99% Built fully working but needs to be redone with pots and cabling. Also the AT distortion needs to be build in nicely. Also original BA-662 and transistors were used in this machine. Selling price €250,- + Shipping SOLD 3rd Item. A ML-303 V6 96% built. I got the TB sound out of it and the drum sound. However something is terribly wrong with the sequncer part i cannot get it to work becuase i am stupid. This needs a specialist to fix it. I can hook you up to the acidcode forum. You will get all schem's and docs that go with this. original BA-662 and transistors installed. Will add an ac adapter. Selling Pirce €300,- + shipping. 4th Item 1176LN Peak limiter pcb's (picture of casing commin up really nice silkscreened casing) and VU meters. To be build. per set (i got 2 sets.) Price per set €100,- + Shipping SOLD 5th Item Forsell Optical Compressor Limiter with Discrete amp packs 2 Sets available. Price per set €60,- + Shipping (sorry but the amp sets are expensive) 6th item gm 5x5x5 pcb's 7th item Ultra Core 8th item 4x8580 Sid Chips SOLD 9th item 1x6581 Sid Chip SOLD 10th item GSSL4000 compressor half built (main board almost done) with 19" engraved enclosure and big ass meter and sidechain pcb. €175 + shipping RESERVED More items to come!
  11. Happy birthday to...

    What his birthday again? That must be the 7th time since i am here. :hairy: Hppy bday TK!!!
  12. Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

    Added some items.
  13. Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

    Hahaha true ;) Anyway i have the picture of the housing for the LN. Also you get an extra bonus as i believe i have found a pair of input transformers that can be used for this. however i have no clue about the pin out is on the se things. Guess you have to measure. I also am unsure from who when or wherever i bought those. Save's you some extra cash on this one!! So let me know if the deal is on and send me your email on a pm then i can invoice you with paypal. p.s. You can also buy my mpc 4000 :rolleyes: much better then your broken 2500 :whistle:
  14. Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

    Nope now i have to do shopping grocery's, cook my meals, vacuum the house, iron my shirts etc etc. Not saying she did all of this but i notice since she is away she did the biggest part of it. Respect!
  15. Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

    Yes i have the firmware and the bootloader.
  16. Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

    I will reserve the items and post the panel pics tonight. So i assume you want both Compressors? It is 100euro each. To make sure you read it correctly. Also is your brother skilled enough to fix the ML-505V6 ? If you buy the 2 x LN1174 and ML-303 V6 i will give you free shipping as a rebate. When buying from me you instantly donate to forum hosting.
  17. Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

    It's a clone from this guy's design
  18. Thanks god for subtitles!
  19. Hoeveel nedrlanders zijn er eigenlijk actief ?

    Hmm ik heb er tot op de dag van vandaag geen problemen mee gehad?
  20. Hoeveel nedrlanders zijn er eigenlijk actief ?

    Euh ikke :). Mijn MB heb ik lang geleden al afgerond.
  21. Yay bliptronic

    Buy me one :D
  22. Forum birthday notification

    Holy crap's the forum Sayz it really is your B-DAY!!!!!!
  23. Forum birthday notification

    Happy B-DAY!!!!!
  24. New Server

    Doug, What are you saying? It is slow on your side? Super fast over here? Jef