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Rotary Encoders - different Midi key on each turn?

The III Man

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i have a faderfox and really like one feature. (This is with a view to building an ableton controller).

In ableton to scroll up and down through scenes you can use one rotary encoder. However to select a channel you need to have an individual button for each one.

The faderfox is clever in that when you turn the encoder it sends out a different midi note signal for each turn so you can map channels like this: 1 - g2 2 - g#2 3 - A2 etc etc.....

This means that one roatry encoder can scroll through channels or for that matter any unlinked parameters you want saving on buttons and creating a lot greater ease of use.

Is this possible with the Midibox64e or do the encoders only behave like endless pots?



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Now thats all cool ;)

But is it possible to use 'step' encoders or potentiometers where the knob it 'locks' to a next step?

These are used in CD players to skip to the next or previous track, sony has got them on their pro units.

How are these called? And where can they be sourced in the UK?

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Most of the encoders used by builders here are detented, that is to say they have 24 "click stops" per revolution.  I am aware of the track selectors on the pro Sony players, and the common encoders around here would do a job like that perfectly.

Usually MIDIboxers use the encoders on this Wiki page:


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