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Module connection for Mackie Clone


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I guess that the only change is the device ID, which is 0x10 for Logic Control, and 0x14 for Mackie Control. The emulation ID can be defined in main.asm of the MIDIbox LC application.

If there are any other differences, we should always be able to add this to the firmware. Remember the Sonar fix - I found the required extension within 10 minutes by testing the MIDIbox LC with a demo version of Sonar. So - there is no real danger ;-)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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I'm curious about the mackie emulation.  The new "mackie control universal" (as opposed to the logic/mackie Control) is the same hardware

with a firmware update.

This is just a MidiboxLC firmware update, that Thorsten is going to make after switching to Mac.. or probably to Sonar PC ;) (I love my Cubase, dammit!)

To be more specific: I don't know If anyone's working on this. But if Mackie emulation is realised, and Universal runs on same hardware, it can be done.. know any .asm?

Bye, Moebius

p.s. This platform won't be dead for ages (Like Logic PC.. Oops, that wasn't necessary..)

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