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  2. Recording / tracking MB SEQ Ableton

    Hi Bruno No, just Ableton. I have thought about getting Pro Tools or Cubase, but I'm old and can't be bothered to learn a new DAW I have figured out a satisfactory  solution: - Ableton as Master clock, connected to the MB SEQ with a MIDI cable from the RME Fireface UCX (actually more stable than MIDI over USB) - MIDI Sync Delay set to - 2 ms,  - Monitor in Ableton set to OFF. Monitoring direct through the RME audio interface Did a lot of reading and testing. Ableton works best as Master, it does not like to be a slave. Also if Monitor in Ableton is left to On or Auto, as it is by default, Ableton assume that you are recording something you are playing live, so it moves the recorded audio according to the latency. It's not really made for traditional track recording like Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic   Some hits are still early and some late, but it's within +/- 2 ms The BPM on the slaved MB SEQ still fluctuates, but it's just jitter within +/- 1 BPM   Finally satisfied with my recording setup, so it's time to actually finalize some tunes :)   All the best, Hal
  3. 8x24 LED matrix

    Sure thing, it just depends on how many shift registers you have/want, and how the matrix is arranged.
  4. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

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  6. Back from the dead!

    Like the others said, the MIDIbox SID project is by a single guy for the most part, but there have been some “remixes” that use the same basic code and circuits, just with specialized circuit boards to accommodate specific form factors. The MB-6582 is basically four core modules, four SID modules, and a handful of DIN/DOUT modules, all combined on a single board (and a second board for the control surface). It’s nice because the construction and components are standardized, and the entire process is really well documented.
  7. Back from the dead!

    I think I got this idea from Altitude, but instead of ribbon cables or headers, I just made a ton of short, individual jumper wires. This way if you get a bad connection you can just replace the one jumper instead of the whole ribbon.
  8. Hello. I have a problem with the DIN module. After starting the whole set in configuration: - Core R4D, SID R3A, DINX4, LCD 2x20, mios 1.9g, PIC 18F452 and 4620 tested and different pcb-s - Connections according to the scheme: MIDIbox SID V2 CS DIN map) as a attached jpg the "select 1-5" buttons and encoder menu works fine. The "menu" button works like a "back" button. But the "Up / CC", "Down / Edit" and "Shift" buttons don`t work :( Where is the problem, what I'm doing wrong ? Please help :(
  9. 8x24 LED matrix

    Or?? DOUT_MATRIX n=1 rows=8 inverted=0 sr_dout_sel1=1 sr_dout_sel2=2 sr_dout_r1=3 sr_dout_r2=4 led_emu_id_offset=1001 it is 16x16 matrix, but basically should work too.....
  10. Back from the dead!

    To add on a bit, it was/is originally built by a guy (TK) but the designs and code are available (with commercial restrictions) which allows for things like the standard module-based setup, the MB6582 and the sammichSID (the latter not being currently available alas) among others. The MB6852 is, more or less, a bunch of MidiBox modules put onto a single mainboard. The code is mostly the same as if you did the same thing with module boards with the only big customizations being for the control surface. These devices are all just different implementations of the designs. So they're all effectively MidiBox SIDs just with different modules built-in. There have been some fairly customized versions of the MidiBox SID (and FM) that have popped up here from folks that added their own customizations as sort of one-offs. Things like combining MBCV with external filters in a single enclosure, that sort of thing. There's a TON you can do with the platform.
  11. Back from the dead!

    I think for the original with a single chip you would just need one each of the core and SID PCBS and the MB6582 is a more complicated up-to-eight-chips thing with a control surface - but is really well documented... there is still a construcion walkthrough for the simple v2 thing here though:
  12. Back from the dead!

    Awesome to hear, thanks for the responses guys! I am a bit confused though...back then, and I am going on old memories...I thought it was a synth developed by a single guy, and a few different people printed his PCB designs? Now it sounds like there are multiple designs for making a DIY sid chip synth?
  13. LPC Bootloader aufspielen

    Hey Leute, ich hoffe ihr könnt mir ein bisschen helfen. Und zwar möchte ich nun auch ein Lichtpult aus Midi Komponenten bauen.  Als Core habe ich mir den LPC1769 ausgesucht.  Nun habe ich nur das Problem wie kriege ich den Bootloader auf den LPC? Die Version der IDE die auf der Seite angegeben ist gibt es leider nicht mehr. Habe nun die neuste Version nur leider ist mir da nicht ganz klar wie ich das .bin File auf den LPC bekomme.  Kann mir da jemand von euch weiterhelfen?  Wäre echt sehr gut, weil ich akutell komplett auf dem Schlauch stehe.  LG Chris 
  14. Back from the dead!

    The one warning I have with the MB6582 is to get the proper ribbon cables between the control surface and the mainboard. I believe some folks may have used right angled headers for one of the boards but there isn't really enough room to use headers for both since the boards connect at the front of the enclosure (where there is the last amount of space). This ended up being my downfall. I got everything else put together wonderfully, except those darn headers. Hence why I want to make a rackmount day.
  15. Back from the dead!

    Yup, definitely still a viable project. Quite a few people have built one in the last year or so. As mentioned, Modular Addict now sells the PCBs, and the forums are still relatively active with helpful people. I definitely suggest going for the Mb-6582 for the control surface and established construction techniques, but the original modular approach is still possible as well. Regarding the reuse of components from your original project... The SID is probably still good. You should check what kind of PIC chip you have if your build got to that point—it’s possible you were building a v1, which doesn’t use the same chip as the v2, but if you already have the v2 chip, you can probably still use it.
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  17. digital release distributor?

    after founding our label in order to make our own isrc codes, and programming  our bandsite, and after endless jamsessions,after adding a songmode to my triggermatrix, after months of video editing having a music video... we want release our songs... but which distributor (that can do beatport too... and the ni stems format)?youtube is full with us gb or nl distributors but i want a distributor on the european mainland... i found dig.dis they ca do stems.mp4 any expierence with them or others? thx for any info - mike  
  18. 8x24 LED matrix

    Maybe I'm overthinking it. I think it would be easiest to specify two separate matrices (16x8, 8x8). If the matrix is 8 rows tall, then I think it should still work to specify the same shift register for the selection pulses.   ?? DOUT_MATRIX n=1 rows=8 inverted=0 sr_dout_sel1=1 sr_dout_r1=2 sr_dout_r2=3 led_emu_id_offset=1001 DOUT_MATRIX n=2 rows=8 inverted=0 sr_dout_sel1=1 sr_dout_r1=4 led_emu_id_offset=1129  
  19. 8x24 LED matrix

    Just single color. 
  20. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks for the feedback Simon. Annoying as it is, I always restart MIOS Studio after flashing or resetting.
  21. 8x24 LED matrix

    Single- or multicolour? You could try with an RGB matrix if it's single (using the other "colours" for extra columns).
  22. 8x24 LED matrix

    Is it possible to make a 8x 24 led matrix from 4xDO board? There is an example for 8x16 but the 4th shift register is not used, but I will need it to extend the matrix. 
  23. Back from the dead!

    I use my sammichSID regularly albeit alongside a number of other synths (modern and vintage). I still have some of my board layouts for a rackmount 3U MB6582 based synth as well but it's been a bit cost prohibitive to go that route. So yes it's still viable and useful! The main issue is finding a working SID (or two for stereo) or the various SID-like options (e.g. SwinSID). If you have that sorted the MidiBox SID platform is quite good as a modern and fairly unique synthesizer - explains why I use it in nearly every song I write.  
  24. Back from the dead!

    absolutely still viable - I started (and finished) building an MB6582 in the last few months..... Modular Addict are selling PCBs although it's not mad busy on here, I still got loads of really useful help and advice on my build.
  25. Recording / tracking MB SEQ Ableton

    Hi Hal! Did you try the same thing with another software? Best Bruno
  26. Back from the dead!

    Hi all :) So....over 10 years ago when I was at uni studying music, I discovered the SID Synth DIY projects and started one....unfortunately I ran out of time and ended up in a job that was too full on, and the whole thing got boxed up and stuffed into storage at my parent's place. A lifetime has gone by since then...but a few days ago I found my old project (was turning a cigar box into a mini MIDIBox SID) in its original state. I had forgotten this stuff exists....I was sad to see a lot of is 404 these days, but stoked to see these forums are still kicking along. My question is....are these still a viable project? I haven't done music in years, but would be really keen to build this thing again. I don't trust my soldering skills from 10 years ago, and remember NOTHING of what I've set up, but I can see I still have the 6581 chip sitting in the main board. I'd probably want to start everything again, but who makes the PCBs these days? Sorry if these are obvious questions...I'm just stoked to find the thing and finally have a chance to finish it and make some new tunes! :D
  27. pre-programmed PIC 18F4685 for sale

    Looks like shipping from here to the states with a tracking number might be about $14CDN - without a tracking # would be about $7.  (seems expensive for such a tiny parcel - not sure if I could squeeze PICs into lettermail though...)Jaytee, buying from Ilmenator seems like the right move...     Within Canada would be a lot cheaper, if any Canadians need PICs. 
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