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  1. USB to MIDI converter?

    Glad to hear it worked for you, I hope you'll go the DIY way when solving next issue 
  2. USB to MIDI converter?

    Good to know, the other one was just first google result for inspiration.
  3. USB to MIDI converter?

    Michael,   though not being an expert on this topic I don't think you'll get it working that easy with ordinary USB-MIDI converters. The reason is that with two connected USB devices one has to act as a host (controlling the communication), the other as a guest (performing the tasks). Host is usually the PC/MAC and guest is e.g. the MIDI converter or the keyboard in your case. Connecting keyboard with an ordinary MIDI converter will effectively connect two guests with no host to control the communication, so what you need is a device that acts as a host, e.g. I'm not saying this particular one will work but in general, these are more costly devices compared to USB guest converters and more intelligent (which is a feature you probably won't use in the setup described), this particular one seems to be dumb enough so it doesn't cost you a fortune, though.   Hope this helps, freddy
  4. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    PM sent about the SSM2044 PCB.
  5. Sale: Mutable Instruments Ambika PCB Sets

    AndyJot, interested in one set, can you please PM me with s&h costs to Slovakia and payment details?   Cheers, freddy
  6. PM sent, too, just in case :-)
  7. Interested in builing 1 piece.
  8. How about 5 EUR for "512er Banksticks"? Shipping to Slovakia.
  9. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    Got mine, thanks a bunch!
  10. Duneland :-)

    Hmm, looks like the dunes of Corralejo :-) Awesome tune and awesome vid!
  11. [SOLD] Yamaha DB50XG card

    PM sent :-)
  12. [SOLD] Yamaha DB50XG card

    hi, is it the actual Yamaha or NEC clone?
  13. Revised 25-pin breakout port

      mfk got 1 pair from sneakthief, if I read it right he asks for two additional pairs meaning for me only a single would remain? Did I get it right?
  14. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    Count me in for two pairs, please.
  15. bought some beers, too. Cheers, TK, thanks for all the amazing work!