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MB64e update




Today the nylon spacers arrived, yesterday the smd leds arrived. So I etched the upper board, drilled it, soldered the LEDs sandwitched it all together and tested the leds with some normal resistors. I haven't yet ordered the smd resistors that is going on this board, as I am searching for them on ebay - as soon as I find the right ones, I'll get to them too.

But at least I got to test the board. Have a look :).





Looks nice yeah? :D I am very pleased with it so far ;) (sorry, can't hide my enthusiasm :P)



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Ok, so I ordered some resistors from canada :o Was the nearest ebay place I could find them - for those dont't know - that's the other side of the planet from norway :P.

I'm a little anxious to see how bright the leds are with those resistors. I have a led resistor calculator on my android, and I have been to lazy to calculate on my own. But that calculator says that I should use 130 ohm resistor 5 volt source, 2.5v across diode and 20mA. The ones I ordered in is 180 ohms. Lets see how it works out - somehow I think it's gonna be just as good... But I haven't got too much experience with driving LEDs from 5 volt, so I really can't tell for sure, but now when I tested them on 12 volt I have used 560 ohm resistor, and that is just about the same as 180 ohms 5 volt, so I think it's gonna be fine.

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